Events Reimagined: Michigan’s Most Innovative Companies

October 18, 2023

1. Connect Space: Cultivating Real Business Opportunities

Connect Space offers a unique platform where businesses can seek real opportunities through events that lead to tangible contracts. Based in Michigan, the company stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs wanting to expand their reach.

2. Great Lakes Made: The Online Marketplace for Makers

Great Lakes Made isn’t just an online marketplace. It’s a hub where small businesses and makers from the Great Lakes region showcase their products. With options for curbside pickup and free shipping, they’re redefining the events and e-commerce space.

3. WeInvite: Complete Digital Event Management

WeInvite provides a comprehensive solution for those in need of event management services. Their end-to-end platform ensures that every event, big or small, runs smoothly from start to finish.

4. Revel & Roll West: The Ultimate Entertainment Destination

When it comes to offering a mix of fun activities, Revel & Roll West is a name to reckon with. From arcade games to children’s parties, they guarantee an event everyone will remember.

5. The Prestige Banquet Hall: Elegance Meets Function

For those who dream of a grand wedding reception or an impressive corporate meeting, The Prestige Banquet Hall is the place to be. This Michigan-based venue epitomizes elegance and versatility.

6. French Valley Vineyard: Where Events Meet Elixirs

French Valley Vineyard merges the allure of fine wine with event hosting, giving guests an unforgettable experience. Their offerings, both in spirits and events, are renowned in Michigan.

7. MI-Combat: Laser Tag like Never Before

MI-Combat is not your typical laser tag venue. They provide an authentic tactical experience that’s perfect for bachelor parties, corporate outings, and much more.

8. Michigan Robotic Submarine: Dive into Innovation

Those with an interest in robotics will be captivated by Michigan Robotic Submarine. This team not only creates an autonomous robotic submarine but showcases its prowess at the annual RoboSub competition.

9. Legacy 925: Family Entertainment Redefined

Legacy 925 ensures a complete family entertainment package. With attractions like trampoline parks and arcades, it’s also a sought-after venue for corporate events.

10. Little Space Studio: Collaborate, Create, Celebrate

Little Space Studio offers a nurturing environment for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. They are known for their coworking spaces, community events, and membership programs.

11. Amped Reality: A Virtual Playground

Enter a world of immersive experiences with Amped Reality. Their VR academy hosts events ranging from birthday parties to corporate team-building sessions.

12. Egress Endurance: Taking Event Management to New Heights

Egress Endurance has rapidly carved a niche in event management. Their dedication ensures that every event they handle becomes a resounding success.

13. Gathrd LLC: Making Meaningful Connections

Gathrd LLC believes in the power of common interests. They facilitate instant meetups for conference attendees, ensuring meaningful connections are made.

14. Halaula Hawaiian Ice Shack: A Taste of the Tropics in Michigan

Halaula Hawaiian Ice Shack brings the flavors of the islands right to Michigan. Their catering services promise an authentic island treat for any event.

15. Unexpected Craft Brewing Company: Cheers to Unique Beers

With an extensive range of beers and eventful tasting room sessions, Unexpected Craft Brewing Company is a must-visit for every beer aficionado and event planner in Michigan.

Michigan’s event industry is alive and thriving. These 15 companies represent just a glimpse of the innovative spirit that’s reshaping how we think about events. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate gathering, or just seeking an unforgettable experience, Michigan has got you covered.

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