Emerging US-Based Manufacturing Startups Hailing from Miami’s Vibrant Scene

January 26, 2024


2020 brought with it a considerable number of challenges but also brought the birth of notable startups in the US, particularly in Miami, Florida. The focus on this wave of new startups lies primarily in the manufacturing industry. They represent a diverse range of sectors, including Fashion, Medical Devices, Packaging Services, and more. They have shown resilience and innovation, providing solutions and meeting emerging market needs through beneficial products and services.

These startups have rapidly adapted to the changing business environment and have exploited emerging opportunities in their respective industries. Even in the thick of a global pandemic, these companies’ fortitude remains unwavering, delivering invaluable contributions to their industries and economies. Here, we highlight some Miami-based companies that started operations in or after 2020 in the manufacturing industry.

The following is a careful selection of promising startups specializing in manufacturing, choosing their headquarters in Miami, Florida. They are taking the path less taken by offering innovative products and services in various niches and have shown exciting early traction, promising potential and have, for the most part, been under the radar.

The PCKG Company

Co-founded by AJ Nelson, The PCKG Company serves various sectors with its specialized manufacturing, engineering, designing, marketing, supply chain, logistics and consumer packaged goods expertise. They specialize in Packaging Services, Product Design, Project Management.


Wellbel is a startup that blends beauty, manufacturing, and nutrition to offer products that enhance personal health and wellness. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Maskco Technologies

Maskco Technologies, a manufacturer of medical devices, emerged from the critical need for increased N95 Respirator production in the United States. It was formed by a group of healthcare professionals in April 2020. Social media links: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

The Future

The Future is a fashion startup that also operates in the textiles manufacturing industry. They can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cold Flow

Cold Flow operates in the Industrial Manufacturing and Manufacturing sector.


Specializing in the manufacturing of hemp oil-based products for treating sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, and improving pain recovery, MintedLeaf is making strides in the Cannabis, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Wellness industry. Find them on Facebook.


B-Outsourced operates in the Advertising, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Sales industries. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Heiress Beverly Hills

Founded by Hailey Weiner, Heiress Beverly Hills is in the E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Retail sectors. They also have a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Joshua Gilligan and Thomas Issa, Rigg is a furniture company that designs innovative tools for modern life. Find them on LinkedIn.

Planta Scientific

Co-founded by LeVon Terry and Rudy Ellenbogen, Planta Scientific is a Miami-based innovation laboratory that creates and manufactures patented, highly bioavailable, nano-cannabinoid ingredients for consumer goods industries. Find them on LinkedIn.

Miami Breeze Car Care

Founded by Wolfgang Ruecker, Miami Breeze Car Care is a supplier of car spray cleaners and leather conditioners. Check them out on Facebook.


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