Emerging US Analytics Startups: Spotlight on Atlanta’s Innovative Pioneers

January 2, 2024

Welcome to the start of our new series, where we’ll be taking a closer look at the rising stars of the United States startup scene. In this edition, we’ll take a tour of the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia. Known for its thriving economy and vibrant scene for entrepreneurs to thrive, Atlanta has recently produced a host of innovative data analytics startups. Founded in 2020 or later, these companies have been using cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies to help businesses make more informed decisions, improve service, and increase profitability.

Analytics is a new frontier in business, combining technology, algorithms and software to extract valuable insights from raw data. Whether these insights inform strategic planning, enhance operational productivity or boost marketing effectiveness, the inevitable end goal is to add value to the organization. Let’s explore some of these innovative companies based in Atlanta that are not only breaking new grounds but are ensuring that businesses can effectively navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their respective industries.

Each startup highlighted in this article has been selected for their unique approach and contribution to the analytics industry. Please note that we are not ranking these companies, but simply showcasing a selection of promising startups making waves in the industry. With no further ado, let’s get acquainted with these startups. 

Pull Logic

Founded by Karl Swensen, Pull Logic is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that tackles the persistent problem of lost sales due to stockouts in the retail industry. By combining predictive product and substitute analytics tool named IntelLogic™ and AgileNetworkLogic™, a data-driven product availability network, Pull Logic enables retailers to quickly adapt to customer demands. These technologies bring together accurate demand forecasting and inventory optimization, equipping retailers with the competitive advantage they need to increase profitability. Connect with Pull Logic on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Peer Tech

Masterminded by Josh Nickell, Peer Tech leverages data analytics to enable businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Peer Tech is primarily focused on the service industry, offering software solutions that help users interpret and respond to data in an effective and profitable manner. To learn more about what they’re up to, check out Peer Tech on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


PayDN, co-founded by Ariel Scroggins, Dave Allen, and Mike Arnold, is a merchant acquiring, payment processing, and data analytics network that offers a simple, private and secure option for point of sale purchases. PayDN bypasses the traditional payment networks, enabling direct access to merchants via digital wallets without capturing, storing or transmitting any personal or payment information for consumers. It’s a leap forward into a new era equipped with payment Infrastructure for the digital mobile world. You can follow their progress on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Martingale Insights

Martingale Insights, is a startup operating in the realms of analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. They have adopted a futuristic approach to offering valuable insights and action plans to businesses. Stay up to date with Martingale Insights by following them on LinkedIn.


Credicove offers a wide range of services, from web and product development to IT solutions and multiple vertical services. They’re focused on rapidly prototyping, iterative development, and design thinking to serve businesses involved in credit, lending, e-commerce, lead generation, and more.

Haley Evaluation & Research Services

Haley Evaluation & Research Services are consultants specializing in analytics and project management. They provide comprehensive, data-informed solutions for businesses in need of strategic insight. Follow them on LinkedIn.


CrowdSegment is a data analytics start-up that uses big data and IT solutions to provide businesses with actionable insights. Stay up to date with their latest news on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Swipe Credit

Founded by Charles Lively, Chris Emejulu and Kevin Mobolade, Swipe Credit is a B2B company providing lending and financial services. They offer a risk and compliance solution that accelerates revenue by using financial inclusion behavior intelligence. The platform speaks to your data and gives you insights into the life of each customer, allowing you to make faster, more informed decisions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Dealer Cortex

Dealer Cortex is a service provider for customer health diagnostics and monitoring for recurring home services. Their platform equips small firms with the ability to track customer churn, retention, and attrition without needing teams of analysts. Stay updated about what Dealer Cortex is up to on LinkedIn.


Founded by Daniel Adkins and Will Hay, MomentRanks is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that provides NBA Top Shot collectors with analytics and tracking tools. They are dedicated to providing an unmatched user experience with educational tools that allow newcomers an opportunity to enter the NFT market and engage with the community. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn


Illoominus, founded by Noelle London, offers a data analytics platform designed to empower leaders to activate and manage their organization’s DE+I strategy. This startup is using data analytics to drive change and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

This concludes our overview of analytics startups based in Atlanta. These companies are driving the industry forward with innovative solutions to business challenges. We hope to continue promoting US startups through our series, stay tuned for more editions where we spotlight other innovative US-startups across various sectors and cities.

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