Emerging US Advertising Startups: Spotlight on New York’s Innovators

December 18, 2023

The Advertising industry, over the past year, has witnessed an outstanding rise of innovative startups that are not just upping the game but are also introducing more efficient means of facilitating operations in the sector. It is encouraging to see this fresh crop of budding companies that are not just based in New York, United States but are also making a significant impact in the global industry. With the birth of these upcoming advertising companies, the industry is expected to see an exponential advancement in tech-driven solutions and customized services. Read on to discover more about these promising startups.

HIVE Diversity

Founded by Byron Slosar in 2020, HIVE Diversity is a virtual recruiting platform that establishes interaction between companies and a community of students & recent graduates. It operates in the Advertising Platforms, Human Resources & Recruiting sectors. Reach out to them via their LinkedIn page.

ArcSpan Technologies

ArcSpan, founded by Arthur Muldoon and Garrett Vreeland, is a B2B audience data technology company with a strategic focus on maximizing publishers’ ad sales revenue amidst the identity revolution. They operate in the Advertising, Digital Media, Information Technology, Mobile Advertising, Sales Automation, Video Advertising sectors. Check out their details on LinkedIn.


Blockgraph, founded by Jason Manningham, focuses on paving the way for the future of data-driven TV advertising. It collaborates with media, technology, and information services companies to implement privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions. You can follow them on Twitter and find more information about them on their LinkedIn page.

Icaro Media Group

Founded by Paul Feller, Icaro Media Group is a media company working in the Advertising, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce sectors. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

DeepSync Labs

DeepSync Labs operates in the Advertising, Digital Media, Social Media sectors. You can reach out to them on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.


Working in the sectors of Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing, and Recruiting, Cliquify is another newcomer in the NYC startup scene. Find more about Cliquify on LinkedIn.


Publicist, founded by Lara Vandenberg, serves as an online marketplace for sourcing pre-vetted marketing and communication experts on demand. For more details, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


MACH9, established by Albert Moufarrij & Jaime Suarez, is a technology & digital marketing firm aiming to break free from digital echo chambers and control their online narrative. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or their LinkedIn account.

Amaze Media Labs

Founded by Robert Tuchman, Amaze Media Labs is changing the game in the podcast space by combining compelling customizable content with live experiences. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Axad Capital

Axad Capital is another innovative startup that operates in the Advertising, Lead Generation, Marketing sector. For more information, you can visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Lastly, there is Tapp. They specialize in providing CPI & CPA campaigns. Their services can help scale your brand or product using their team of over 6000+ influencers and trained media buying specialists. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups are clearly demonstrating the capacity, innovation, and growth potential that the NYC advertising sector has to offer. Seeing the blend of traditional and modern approaches in their solutions indicates a promising future for the industry. These companies are undeniably contributing to transforming the landscape of the global advertising industry.

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