Emerging US Advertising Startups: Spotlight on California’s Innovative Industry Leaders

December 18, 2023

The startup scene in California continues to buzz with innovative ideas and solutions for businesses around the globe. And among the myriad sectors that startups are making waves in, one that stands out is the Advertising industry. This article showcases a number of such startups, all of which have their inception in 2020 or later and are living up to California’s reputation as a global technology and startup hub.

These startups span a wide range of solutions in the field of advertising, from unified systems for marketplace promotions to data-driven content writing. They cater to a variety of industries and offer a range of services that leverage technology to help businesses connect with their audiences more effectively. Let’s take a look at these forward-thinking startups that are revolutionizing the Advertising industry.

From storytelling enhancement and influencer marketing to AI generated content and targeted advertising, these startups are defining the path for tomorrow’s marketing strategies. They not only utilize state-of-the-art tech advances, but also unique ideas and innovative models to present a fresh perspective to the age-old practice of advertising.


Founded by Andrew Yates and Dan Hill, Promoted.ai is an innovative startup based in San Francisco that aims to enhance and optimize marketplaces. Their solution unifies organic search, promotions, and ads in one system, helping to sort marketplace search and promote the best listings. Their fresh approach promises to increase revenue and provide an improved marketplace experience.


Founded by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke, Glewee is an application-based platform that combines influencer search, relationship management, collaboration tools, and reporting for brands. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Glewee is innovating in the advertising, digital marketing and social media marketing sphere. LinkedIn


Hypotenuse, founded by Joshua Wong and Low Lin-Hui, is a Mountain View based startup that leverages AI to generate content writing for companies. Their offerings include product descriptions, ad text, and blog posts, promising high-quality copy that boosts engagement by double digits. LinkedIn


Co-founded by Logan Welbaum, Plai offers digital marketing solutions that can be created and launched in just a few taps. Beyond that, it also offers tools to discover micro-influencers and new keywords for brands, and provides fast answers from Google Analytics and more. Located in San Francisco, Plai makes marketing easily accessible to everyone. Facebook | LinkedIn

Sports Gambling Guides

Operating from Beverly Hills, Sports Gambling Guides is a platform that offers research and advice on sports betting. With a team of experts at the helm, it’s able to cater to the needs of betting enthusiasts effectively. LinkedIn

Quarterly Global

Based in San Francisco, Quarterly Global founded by Ekalavya Hansaj, is a leading player in providing targeted marketing and advertising strategies. Apart from competitive intelligence, their solutions also include training, consulting, lead generation, and customers’ readership. Facebook | LinkedIn


Donatas Smailys co-founded Billo, a San Francisco based startup revolutionizing the advertising and marketing scene with its innovative solutions. Facebook | LinkedIn

ROR Partners

Operating from San Marcos, ROR Partners, founded by Greg Dowd and Tom Lapcevic, is a force in the advertising and marketing industry. Facebook | LinkedIn

Unruly Agency

Los Angeles based Unruly Agency is pioneering in the advertising, digital marketing and social media marketing sphere. Facebook | LinkedIn

Social Snowball

Los Angeles based Social Snowball is redefining affiliate marketing, advertising, e-commerce and marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn


Co-founded by Jonathan Ben-tzur and Yoav Zimmerman, San Francisco based Trendpop provides an advanced analytics and insights platform for short-form video marketing. Their mission is to help anyone go viral on social video platforms. Facebook | LinkedIn

In conclusion, startups in California are shaping the future of advertising by driving innovation and leveraging new-age technology. Whether you’re a brand looking for better outreach or a company seeking effective market strategies, these startups have something for everyone.

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