Emerging Seattle-based Advertising Startups Revolutionizing the US Market

January 27, 2024

The USA is known for its vivid entrepreneurial culture where startups sprout every day, providing revolutionary solutions to everyday problems. One such city fostering this culture is Seattle, Washington — home to global tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft. This article aims to highlight some of the up and coming startups in Seattle’s advertising industry that were founded in 2020, or later.

The advertising industry has always been a fast-paced, ever-evolving sector, and it’s no different for startups operating in this field. Performance, influencer, digital, and affiliate marketing are just a few of the many subfields these startups are thriving in. Moreover, they seamlessly blend technology and creativity to deliver distinctive solutions that cater to their client’s unique marketing needs.

Below is a selection of emerging startups offering innovative advertising solutions in Seattle, Washington. We’ll provide some background on each, linking their website and social channels for further exploration.


ProductWind is an influencer marketing platform beloved by brands for its unique promotion style. Founded by Jason Kowalski and Tom H., the platform enables clients to improve their online business by partnering with various influencers who drive sales. They generate trackable attribution links, work with influencers to create quality content and have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

January Third

January Third stands out in brand marketing and content creation in the advertising sector. They are also active on social media with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


imLabs, grasps the nuances of digital marketing, including Facebook and Google SEO and Social Media Marketing. Founded by Laura Cabrera, imLabs can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Shineflow merges advertising with business intelligence and digital marketing to provide holistic solutions. They operate with a team of creative content curators and consultants. Their activity can be followed on LinkedIn.


Grovia is a unique marketing software and service platform that automates partner marketing recruitment. The brainchild of founders Ian Brodie and Rob Schab, they use a proprietary recruitment engine to recruit and onboard affiliates and influencers. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Vintnerly offers to advertisers a full-stack technology platform. They handle everything from eCommerce, to CRM, analytics, website, email, advertising, automation, and social media. Reach out to them Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Tosca X

Lara Shackelford led the founding team of ToscaX, an advertising startup that also delves into brand and content marketing for B2B clients. They can also be found on LinkedIn.

Red Roan Digital Marketing

Red Roan Digital Marketing, specializes in offering local map listing and advertising services. In addition, they offer consultation, assessment, web development packages, and screencasting services. They are active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Exo Agency

The Exo Agency, founded by Randy McCabe, provides modern marketing strategies to help businesses reach their full potential. They also engage in app development and web design. Follow them on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


AdsPostX, founded by Roj Niyogi in 2022, helps online retailers generate more value from e-commerce publishers, aiming to drive higher yields for retail media publishers. Stay connected via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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