Emerging Legal Startups Transforming the Scene in San Francisco

January 28, 2024

With a thriving startup environment, San Francisco is continually producing standout startups, especially in the legal industry. These new companies are scaling up to meet an ever-changing modern environment and increasingly differing client needs. They are pushing the envelope by leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), SaaS, and more in innovative ways to bridge the gap in the legal sphere and deliver to their clients. Consequently, the last couple of years, starting from 2020, has seen the country ride a new wave of startups who are poised to change the scene of the legal industry. Here, we feature a selection of those startups.

Their reasons for launching may vary, but one defining attribute is common to them all: a conviction that the legal industry is on the cusp of significant transformation, supported by technology and innovation, and they want to have a piece of the action. These startups are playing an exciting and increasingly critical role in changing the way legal services are delivered for firms, companies, and consumers.

Without further ado, here are some of the exciting legal startups based in San Francisco that emerged in 2020 or later.

Sleegal AI

Sleegal AI is an innovative startup in the information technology and legal tech industries. It’s distinguished by its unique focus on marketplace functions and online portals. Co-founder Gloria Yi Qiao has steered the company into making substantial strides in legal tech. Be sure to catch all of Sleegal AI’s updates on Facebook and LinkedIn or follow them on @sleegal_ai on Twitter.

Corporate Immigration Partners

Offering consulting, professional, and legal services, Corporate Immigration Partners sets a high standard in the realm of legal startups. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.


OneNotary is an online platform that offers document management, document preparation, e-Signature, and legal tech solutions. It brings forward a seamless, no-code integration platform with a fleet of over 10,000 notaries spread across the United States, making it a world-class notary solution. You can learn more about this exceptional company on Facebook, LinkedIn, or track their latest updates on Twitter @onenotary_us.


San-Francisco based ReclaimIQ helps people get their money back without the fuss. Specializing in FinTech and legal tech industries, this online service is one to watch.


Serving the legal industry as a SaaS powerhouse, Graphletter is transforming compliance, data protection, and risk management. Make sure to keep an eye on their latest news on Twitter, @graphletter.

In-House Privacy

Founded in 2021, In-House Privacy is a tech-based legal team that provides fractional and on-demand privacy support services. You can follow their pioneering progress on LinkedIn.


iPNOTE provides a streamlined platform for managing and securing intellectual property. The company was started in 2020 by Alex Levkin and makes IP management more affordable, accessible, and practical. For more about iPNOTE, follow them on LinkedIn.


Harvey assists knowledge workers with AI-powered solutions, taking the complications out of legal tasks. Founded in 2022, the company uses AI to answer legal questions and interfaces with legal workflow naturally.


StartDraft is an impeccable illustration of innovation, providing Contract Life Cycle Management Software to startups, law firms, and attorneys. For more about their pioneering services, check them out on LinkedIn and Twitter, @startdraft.

Verso Law Group

Founded in 2022, Verso Law Group dedicates its services to creating innovative IP, litigation, and transactional strategies. Follow them on LinkedIn for more insights.


PatenTrack, a cloud application founded by Uzi Aloush, aims to prevent patent loss and save engineering and legal efforts through automated workflows. It’s truly paving the way forward in the legal tech industry.

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