Emerging LA-Based Professional Services Startups Transforming the US Landscape

January 28, 2024

In recent years, the Los Angeles professional services industry has seen a significant influx of innovative startups. Many of these businesses, founded in 2020 or later, are leveraging technology and contemporary business practices in unique ways to redefine their sectors. This article will examine some of these emerging ventures and overviews what they offer to their clients and industries.

These up-and-coming companies represent professional services across a wide range of industries, including advertising, e-commerce, health diagnostics, gift services, training, social civilian organization, marketing automation, specialized financial service, various maintenance services, and consulting. We will explore some of the most inspiring recent startups in the professional services sector, whose dynamic approach to delivering services is genuinely making waves in the industry landscape.

From promising tech-oriented finance start-ups to revolutionary training and consultancy companies making significant changes for marginalized groups, these Los Angeles-based startups offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of professional services. Let’s get to know these companies a bit better.

Unruly Agency

The Unruly Agency is a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in advertising, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Provide your company’s description here. Links: Facebook, @UnrulyAgency, LinkedIn.


Founded by Matt Pril, AnamXR operates in the e-commerce, information technology, professional services, and software industries. Provide your company’s description here. Links: @anam__xr, LinkedIn.

Total Testing Solutions

Total Testing Solutions specializes in healthcare, health diagnostics, medical, and professional Services. Include your company’s description here. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn.


GiftSuite, founded by Sangita Verma and Shireen Gupta, focuses on the niche of corporate and business gifting. It leverages e-commerce and internet technology to deliver high-quality gifts, resulting in a seamless user experience. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Founded by Michelle Courtney Berry and Suparna Basu-Ravis, nFormation is a unique venture started by women of color that aims to reshape traditional power structures. They offer professional training services to help more women of color ascend to leadership. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Good To Vote

Good To Vote is a social and civic organization founded by Ben Relles that ensures people are ready to vote by registering more than 160,000 voters. Links: LinkedIn.


Founded by David Mora, Maximaas is a marketing automation company offering end-to-end marketing solutions. Links: LinkedIn.


Bean, founded by Anees Pretorius and Cono Onorato, is a market network and workflow management platform for accounting services. It offers end-to-end engagement and a suite of tools for more effective team collaboration. Links: LinkedIn.

Beagle Services

Founded by Paul Vacquier, Beagle Services provides water security services, from monitoring, leak detection to hardware installation. Links: LinkedIn.

Zella Life

Zella Life is a minority-owned, woman-led coaching, and development company, who are redefining consulting and professional training services. Links: LinkedIn.

EMC Hospitality

EMC Hospitality offers consultancy to the hospitality sector ensuring their clients’ businesses thrive in the market. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups represent the vibrancy and innovation the professional services industry in Los Angeles currently houses. They are varied in their offerings but united in their dedication to reimagining conventional services and approaches. Through their work, they are shaping the future of professional services not only in the city but across the United States.

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