Emerging Government-focused Startups Flourishing in the US Capital

January 27, 2024

The nucleus of US government and politics, Washington D.C., houses a vibrant startup scene. From AI institutions to news agencies, and from consulting firms to environmental advocates, startups in the nation’s capital operate at the intersection of innovation and administration. This article places a spotlight on startups based in Washington, D.C. that were founded in 2020 or later and are involved in government-related industry.

These startups are driving change in their respective fields by leveraging technology, initiating dialogues and providing essential services. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some noteworthy D.C.-based startups that are poised to make big strides in their sectors.

Let’s delve into the startups that are redefining the government industry in Washington, D.C..

Just The News

Founded in 2020, Just The News is a nonpartisan media platform comprising of web reporting, video journalism, podcasting and long-form nonfiction book publishing. The startup operates in the intersection of Government, News, Politics and Publishing.

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Medora Strategies

Medora Strategies operates in the Consulting, Government, and Management Consulting industries. The company founded by Jordan Mitchell and Scott Shalett engages in government consultation services. They facilitate strategic planning and offer support to businesses looking to navigate government-related challenges.

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The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government

The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government is focused on bridging the gap between tech companies and the public sector. The startup advocates for policies prioritizing technological integration for elevating government services thus promoting a competitive edge.

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The Cleen Project

The Cleen Project, an environmental-based startup in the Employment and Government industry, provides environmental consulting assistance.

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A Starting Point

A Starting Point, co-founded by Chris Evans and Mark Kassen, is a digital platform that connects leaders and citizens on a bipartisan platform. It caters to the Government, Media, Entertainment and Online Portals industry.

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Edelman Global Advisory

Edelman Global Advisory extends its services in the Advice and Government Industry, specializing in international political and market consulting.

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Spear AI

Spear AI caters to the domain of Artificial Intelligence, Government, Machine Learning, Military and National Security. It is dedicated to building AI tools for the national security community, taking the best from commercial ML-Ops and applying it to the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

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