Emerging Finance Startups Revolutionizing Industry from Houston, Texas

January 27, 2024

Houston, Texas, known for its vibrant economy and booming oil and petroleum industries, has also proven to be a fertile ground for a number of finance-related startups since 2020. These startups have been venturing into forward-looking industries like tech, finance, financial services, and energy. They encompass companies that provide banking services, financial infrastructure, investment capital, software solutions, credit facilities, venture capital, tax consulting, and asset management services among others.

Fueled by the competitive spirit and significant investment in the city, these startups continue to thrive and innovate. In this article, we will highlight some of Houston’s promising startups in the finance industry whose headquarters are located in Houston, Texas and commenced operation in 2020 or beyond.

Let’s explore these fascinating startups and catch a glimpse of the exciting work they are doing:

Iconic Financial

Founded by Paul Stephens, Houston-based Iconic Financial focuses on Banking, Finance, and Financial Services. They are planning to affiliate with an authorized financial institution through an acquisition. Iconic Financial is not licensed to engage in banking business currently, and they are waiting for the necessary final regulatory approval. You can connect with the company on LinkedIn.

Fidelis Infrastructure

Founded by Bengt Jarlsjo and Daniel J. Shapiro, Fidelis Infrastructure is in the Energy, Finance, and Financial Services industry. To learn more about Fidelis Infrastructure, you can visit their Linkedin page here.

Andros Capital Partners

Phillip Gayle founded Andros Capital Partners, a Houston-based startup in the Angel Investment, Finance and Venture Capital industry. More about Andros Capital Partners can be found on their Linkedin page.

Pro Software

Pro Software operates in the Finance, Information Technology and Software industry out of Houston, Texas. See their Linkedin page for more details.

Armadillo Litigation Funding

Founded by Nick H. Johnson, Armadillo Litigation Funding provides financing to law firms participating in mass tort, consumer and commercial litigation. Information about this finance and credit financial service can be found on their Linkedin page.

The Fields Companies

Operating in the Finance, Financial Services, and Venture Capital industry, The Fields Companies is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Follow them on Twitter or check out their Linkedin profile.

Litigo Financial

Fintech startup Litigo Financial was founded by Joshua Sanger, Mani Walia, and Robert Le. They provide Finance, Financial Services, and Software solutions out of Houston, Texas.


Co-founded by Chris Sioco and Uche Okoroha, TaxRobot operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Machine Learning, and Software industry. They offer a quick, easy, and affordable solution to calculate the R&D tax credit. Find more about TaxRobot on their Linkedin page.


OneNexus is a financial risk and decommissioning management company that provides solutions related to liabilities in the oil and gas energy industry. You can learn more about OneNexus on Twitter or Linkedin.

Production Tax Consultants

Production Tax Consultants provide diagnostic and predictive data analytics to recover severance tax refunds for oil and gas clients. They are based in Houston, Texas. Learn more about Production Tax Consultants on their LinkedIn page.

Parliament Ventures Fund

Founded by Diane Yoo, the Parliament Ventures Fund invests in alumni companies and has a global network for mentorship, investments, and deal flow. The organization, which was founded in 2021, can be found on Linkedin.

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