Emerging Denver-Based Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing US Property Market

January 27, 2024

Denver, Colorado has become a hotbed for startups in recent years, specifically in the real estate industry. Teams of passionate, innovative individuals have begun to transform the city’s landscape by taking on traditional real estate challenges with fresh perspectives and high-tech solutions. From property management to asset management and landscaping to commercial real estate, these startups combine innovation and industry expertise to reshape the way we perceive and interact with real estate. Let’s dive in and meet some of the promising startups in Denver’s real estate scene.


Founded by Matt Thelen and PJ O’Neil, Nomad is an IT company that brings a lot to the table for property owners and renters. Nomad has appeared on the scene to make renting better for customers on both ends by reducing costs and tedious tasks. Working with top investors, Nomad is shaking things up in the property management and real estate industry. Find out more on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

Flock Homes

Flock Homes, launched by Ari Rubin, focuses on asset management, home improvement, real estate and rental property. Flock Homes offers a way to convert individual rental property into diversified shares in a pool of houses, making it an interesting player in the Denver property market. They provide an innovative way for landlords to retire from the personal demands of managing their own properties. For more insights, visit their Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter page.

Kitchen Door

Kitchen Door provides design-build landscaping services that promote sustainable relationships between residents and the natural world. This focus on sustainable, green design makes Kitchen Door an interesting entrant to the Denver real estate scene. Learn more about their Green approach on their Facebook page.

AIR Communities

Apartment Income REIT Corp., or AIR Communities, is a property management firm that offers residential rent spaces in major cities across the United States. This Denver-based startup specializes in managing rental properties professionally, in key markets including Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami. Find out more about their services on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.


Streetleap is another Denver-based startup in the property management and rental property industry. Visit their Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter profile for more about their services.


Episense is making waves in the real estate landscape with their technology solutions for property development and management. Delving into smart technology and AI services, Episense is a startup to watch out for. Visit their Linkedin or Twitter to learn more.

Elk River Wealth Management

Elk River Wealth Management offers real estate services as a part of its financial services and lending services. Keep an eye on their Linkedin page to witness how they grow.

Ecospace Property Management

Ecospace is a Denver-based startup that specializes in property management, offering a suite of services that include apartment and residential property management, tenant placement, and real estate consulting. Find out more about their operations on their Facebook or Linkedin page.


goHomePort is an innovative startup focused on changing the boat and RV storage experience. Leveraging technology and customer experience, goHomePort is working to improve the buying and selling processes for its users. To learn more about their unique services visit their Linkedin page.

The Office Exchange

The Office Exchange, founded by Devin Davie, Anthony Grivet, and Robyn Ong is a marketplace that connects commercial real estate owners and prospective tenants. The platform offers flexible leasing options making it easier for businesses to meet their space needs. Explore the platform or reach out to The Office Exchange team on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.


Homsby, was formed by Ryan Denman with a unique offering for self-represented home buyers. The platform guides home buyers from offer through close, providing resources and support to navigate the buying process independently. Stay updated with Homsby’s activity at their Linkedin or Twitter page.

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