Electrifying Excellence: The Power Players of Fenelton, PA’s Electrical World

July 23, 2023

Huet Electric

When you need a spark, Huet is a stark favorite.

  • Categories: Electrician
  • Website: Not provided

Third Trout Contracting

The multi-faceted local luminary.

  • Description: Locally owned and operated, Third Trout Contracting boasts a vast repertoire of services from tree work to electrical endeavors, ensuring quality and outstanding customer support.
  • Categories: Contractor, HVAC Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Electrician, and many more.
  • Website: Not provided

Adam Crawford Construction

Building Fenelton’s future, one wire at a time.

  • Categories: Contractor, Construction, Electricians, and several others.
  • Website: Not provided

Phil Hay & Sons Excavating Inc

Groundbreaking work, every time.

TLG General & Electrical

Your go-to for all-around electrical brilliance.

  • Categories: General contractor, Electrical Work, and more.
  • Website: Not provided

Mc Closkey’s Sandblasting

Where precision meets construction.

  • Categories: Construction, Local Business, and more.
  • Website: Not provided

Electric Research & Management Incorporated

Pioneering advancements in the electric realm.

Edgar Electric

Energizing Fenelton with unparalleled expertise.

Dan Hodgkiss Masonry

Marrying construction with the art of masonry.

  • Categories: Masonry contractor, Construction, and more.
  • Website: Not provided

Maihle Electric

Where Fenelton’s electrical aspirations come to life.

  • Categories: Construction, Electricians, and more.
  • Website: Not provided

Transformation Electric

From fans to restaurants, they transform every electrical challenge.

  • Description: Family-owned since 2004, Transformation Electric takes pride in a diverse range of electrical services, offering reliability at its best.
  • Categories: Generator Shop, Electrician, Contractor.
  • Website: www.transformationelectric.com

S B Rieger

Setting the bar for Fenelton’s construction wonders.

  • Categories: General contractor, Construction, and more.
  • Website: Not provided

Wulff Electric Inc

Progressive, powerful, and professional.

  • Categories: General contractor, Home Improvement, Electricians, and many more.
  • Website: Not provided

Mourer’s Woodworks

Craftsmanship that speaks volumes.

  • Categories: Construction, Carpentry Work, Cabinets & Countertops.
  • Website: Not provided

Kirby F Neubert Woodcarver

Carving Fenelton’s finest futures.

  • Categories: Construction, Carpentry Work.
  • Website: Not provided

These companies represent the passion, innovation, and excellence that define Fenelton’s electrical and construction industries. They’re the backbone of our community, ensuring that every building, home, and project is lit up with precision and care.

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