Discovering the Culinary Diversity of Council Grove, KS

August 10, 2023

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

A classic favorite, the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill is not just your average ice cream spot. Besides their signature soft-serve ice cream and shakes, they serve up some delightful fast-food staples.

Pizza Hut

Craving some cheesy goodness? Head to Pizza Hut in Council Grove, where they serve classic pizzas, wings, pastas, and more.


Freshness comes first at Subway. From their famous footlongs to their fresh-cut veggies, Subway offers a refreshing change from the typical fast-food menu.

The Station

Although details are scant, The Station’s categories suggest classic American and sandwich offerings.

Sonic Drive-In

Enjoy your meal from the comfort of your car at Sonic Drive-In. With a wide range of burgers, shakes, and more, Sonic promises a delightful drive-in experience.

BG’s Bar and Grill Council Grove

BG’s, known for its classic American cuisine and vibrant bar scene, is sure to offer a hearty meal and a good time.

Hays House 1857 Restaurant & Tavern

Hays House isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a part of Council Grove’s history. Explore their offerings at Hays House.

Saddlerock Cafe

The Saddlerock Cafe is an enticing blend of a classic diner and American restaurant. It promises a cozy, hearty meal experience.

Flint Hills Saloon & Eatery

Relish in from-scratch meals and appetizing starters at Flint Hills Saloon & Eatery, while also enjoying their socially-distanced dining.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Delve into vibrant Mexican flavors at La Hacienda, a staple for those craving some spicy delights.

Donuts 2 Diner

With no website mentioned, this mysterious place tempts visitors with the allure of fresh donuts and a classic diner menu.

Historic Grounds Coffee

Kickstart your day with a caffeine fix from Historic Grounds Coffee. Their coffee is sure to brew up some history and charm.

Trail Days Bakery Cafe In An 1861 Stone Home Museum

Experience history and taste combined at Trail Days Bakery Cafe. A museum and café, it offers a unique blend of cultural and culinary delights.

Cottage House Hotel-Motel

Not just a place to rest, Cottage House Hotel-Motel in Council Grove is a historic site offering a myriad of services. From bed and breakfast options to cultural insights into the Santa Fe Trail, it’s an experience in itself.

Embark on a gastronomic journey in Council Grove, where every restaurant tells a story and every dish is a new adventure.

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