Dentistry in Brockport, NY: A Glimpse into the Town’s Top Dental Practices

August 24, 2023

Brockport Dental
Delivering smiles in the Brockport community, Brockport Dental emphasizes quality care and affordability. With services ranging from cosmetic dentistry to teeth whitening, they have made enhancing smiles their primary objective.

Progressive Implantology & Periodontics
This dentist facility specializes in progressive methodologies, ensuring patients get the latest treatments in implantology and periodontics.

Thomas E Bowdler DDS
A seasoned dental expert in Brockport, Dr. Bowdler offers top-notch services tailored to every patient’s needs.

Brian J Iannaccone DDS
Offering a range of services from oral & maxillofacial surgery to general dentistry, Dr. Iannaccone has garnered recognition in Brockport for his comprehensive care.

Stephen Weinstein DDS
A notable name in the dental realm, Dr. Stephen Weinstein has been delivering reliable dental services, making health and wellness a priority.

Small to Tall Dentistry for Children
Catering specifically to the younger generation, this pediatric dental facility emphasizes early oral health care, ensuring young smiles remain bright.

Brockport Smiles: NO MEDICAID
With a legacy since 1943, Brockport Smiles has been the community’s go-to for comprehensive dental care, presenting a modern approach to dentistry.

Sol Weinstein DDS
Belonging to the renowned Weinstein dental group, Dr. Sol Weinstein offers a plethora of dental services to cater to Brockport residents.

Bateman Orthodontics
For those seeking specialized orthodontic care, Bateman Orthodontics brings a mix of modern techniques and seasoned expertise.

Oak Orchard Community Health Center – Medical Services
A comprehensive health center, Oak Orchard combines a range of medical services, including dentistry, optometry, and pediatrics, ensuring all-around care for Brockport residents.

Frederick H Clasquin DDS
Dr. Clasquin stands out with his commitment to general dentistry, aiming to cater to the diverse dental needs of the local community.

Dr. Daniel Hovsepian, DMD
A trusted name in dentistry, Dr. Hovsepian’s expertise ensures that patients receive the best in oral care.

Dr. William Leicht, DDS
A dedication to dental excellence, Dr. Leicht brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, becoming a reliable dental pillar in Brockport.

Dr. Peter Makula, DDS
Known for his meticulous approach, Dr. Makula emphasizes precision and patient satisfaction in all his dental undertakings.

Rivoli & Rivoli Orthodontics
“Confidence for a Lifetime!” The motto says it all. At Rivoli & Rivoli Orthodontics, the focus is not just on correcting teeth but also on building lifelong confidence for their patients.

Brockport, NY stands out with its diverse range of dental experts and facilities, ensuring residents get the best care for their smiles. From general dentistry to specialized care, Brockport holds a strong dental network, making oral health accessible and top-notch.

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