Creative Ways You Can Ring Up More Business

March 24, 2023
Creative Ways You Can Ring Up More Business

Finding more people to work with your business, buying and using your products and services, is much more difficult than it may initially sound. People are complicated, and while research can highlight different trends you can capitalize on, there’s no guarantee they’ll generate clicks and engagements, let alone sales. There are a few creative ways you can ring up more business and get more attention on your brand, but executing them is another challenge you need to be ready to face.

Conduct Grassroots Marketing

Most businesses engage in traditional marketing, posting flyers about different promotions, filming commercials, or doing paid advertising on social media platforms. These advertising strategies can work, but they have a limited reach. A lot of the public gets jaded against these forms of advertising and outright dismisses everything they view as an ad. Traditional advertising can push them away, so you should consider testing grassroots marketing. You can conduct grassroots marketing in various ways, such as:

  • Posting authentic and transparent videos on TikTok or other social media
  • Participating in Facebook groups
  • Interacting with average consumers on social media platforms

Each marketing strategy can have much more impact than normal marketing, though it does depend on your audience. Some groups are very apt at identifying when a brand is authentic or just trying to drum up additional business.

Go on a Marketing Tour

A marketing tour is one of the best and most creative ways to increase business and draw attention to your products and services. There are many benefits to an experiential marketing tour, and one of the biggest and most obvious is increased brand awareness. When you take your business on the road, more people will experience what you have to offer when they would have never seen your business otherwise. In addition to simply getting more eyeballs on your products and services, you’re giving people a chance to gain hands-on experience and see why they need what you’re offering in their lives.

Partner With Other Businesses

Another effective and creative way to ring up more business is by partnering with other companies in your industry, or even just your geographical area. People love getting recommendations from friends and family because they trust the recommendation is genuine, and businesses can do the same thing. If people rely on and support a restaurant, auto shop, or retailer, and that store recommends or partners with your business, they’ll be more open to giving you a chance and trying out your products and services.

There is a whole world of creative ways to ring up more business, but you will still struggle without follow-through. Getting new eyes on your products and services and converting them into customers is excellent, but you need to go the extra mile and turn people into repeat, loyal customers. Ringing up more business is the first step, and keeping that business is another challenge that you must be ready to face.

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