Coshocton’s Caring Corner: Spotlight on Home Health Care Services

August 26, 2023

Interim HealthCare of Coshocton OH

Website: Interim HealthCare
From companionship to skilled nursing, this locally-operated office offers a comprehensive range of in-home care and health care staffing services.

GentleBrook Home Health Services

Website: GentleBrook
Making a significant mark in the home health care service category.

FosterBridge In Home Personal Care

Website: FosterBridge
Offering specialized home health care services to Coshocton residents.

College Park Home Health Care Plus

Website: College Park
More than just home health care, College Park provides an assortment of services from nursing to communications.

Ember Complete Care

Making strides in delivering exceptional home health care services in Coshocton.

Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

Dedicated to elevating the standards of home health care service.

Ccmh Home Health Services

Website: Coshocton Hospital
Providing holistic health care from insurance plans to hospice facilities.

Heartfelt Homecare, LLC

Website: Heartfelt Care
Beyond home health care, Heartfelt also ventures into other industries such as pest control.

Coshocton City Health Dept

Website: City of Coshocton
Taking charge of public health programs and human resource administration.

Life Line

Offering exceptional home health care services and more to the residents of Coshocton.

Three Rivers Option Care

Website: Option Care
As a notable home health care agency, they ensure the well-being of Coshocton residents.

Health Services Of Coshocton County

Website: Allwell
From hospice care to vocational rehabilitation, this organization covers a broad spectrum of health services.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Website: Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Beyond its role as a pharmacy, Good Neighbor takes a holistic approach to health, offering both medicines and home health care services.

Rite Aid

Website: Rite Aid
Your go-to place for more than just medicines, Rite Aid offers a plethora of products and services geared towards health and wellness.

Covington Square Senior Apt

Website: Covington Square Apartments
Ensuring senior residents of Coshocton live comfortably with comprehensive healthcare and living facilities.

Coshocton’s home health care service industry continues to flourish, with each establishment dedicated to providing unmatched care to its residents. The diverse range of services ensures that there’s something for everyone, catering to a wide array of needs.

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