Corydon’s Appliance Marvels: A Closer Look at the Town’s Top Appliances Businesses

August 20, 2023

Speedy Appliance Parts
Categories: Appliance Repair Service, Appliances, Appliance parts supplier, Appliance Repair

Whether you’re in need of a quick repair or looking for that elusive appliance part, Speedy Appliance Parts is your one-stop destination. Their emphasis on speed ensures that you’re never waiting too long to get your appliances back in working order.

Vacuum Store

Categories: Vacuum cleaner repair shop, Service, Supplies, Systems, Sales, Housewares, Housewares Stores, Small Appliances, and more.

A haven for cleaning enthusiasts, the Vacuum Store offers everything from the latest in vacuum technology to repairs that ensure your old faithful remains in tip-top shape.

Schneider’s Hometown

Categories: Furniture store, Appliances, Mattress Store, Appliance store

Seeking a new refrigerator or a comfy mattress? Schneider’s Hometown provides a diverse range of appliances and furniture to cater to Corydon’s diverse needs.

Skaggs Appliance and repair
Categories: Appliance store

With a dedication to quality and service, Skaggs has become a household name in Corydon for all things appliances.

Maytag Retailer
Categories: Home Appliances

Partnering with one of the industry’s most renowned names, Maytag Retailer brings top-tier appliances to Corydon’s residents.

Quilters Garden

Categories: Dealers, Crafts, Art, Appliances, Quilting, and more.

More than just an appliance store, Quilters Garden is a creative hub, offering everything from quilting materials to small kitchen gadgets.

Dollar General
Description: Dollar General simplifies shopping with a well-curated selection of popular brands in easy-to-access locations and online.

American Rental Home Furnishings
Description: Providing brand name home furnishings with affordable payment options, American Rental places customer satisfaction at the forefront.

American Rental
Categories: Furniture store, Rent to Own Store, Appliance Leasing, and more.

Offering a flexible approach to home furnishing, American Rental caters to those looking to rent or own top-notch appliances and furniture.

Nye Welding

Categories: Welder, Contractor, Home Appliance Repair, and more.

For intricate welding services or home appliance repairs, Nye Welding has established itself as Corydon’s trusted expert.

Cline Bros Welding

Categories: Contractor, Metalworking, Home Appliance Repair, and more.

Merging craftsmanship with technical expertise, Cline Bros Welding provides unparalleled welding and repair services in Corydon.

Description: Rent-A-Center brings the possibility of renting and eventually owning top-quality home furnishings and electronics to Corydon’s doorstep.

Vankleef Heating & Air Conditioning
Description: Vankleef has established its name by providing comprehensive HVAC solutions to Corydon and surrounding regions since 1998.

Harrison Express Appliance Repair
Categories: Appliance repair service

Harrison Express remains committed to ensuring that Corydon’s appliances are always functioning at their peak, thanks to their expert repair services.

The bustling town of Corydon boasts an impressive array of appliance stores and services that cater to every possible home need. From traditional appliance repairs to the latest in HVAC solutions, Corydon has it all.

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