Corning’s Fuel Frontier: A Deep Dive into Local Gas Stations

August 20, 2023

1. Casey’s: Not Just Gas, It’s Gastronomy!

Located at 1509 W Main St, this establishment isn’t your average gas station. With made-from-scratch pizza dough, real mozzarella cheese, and fresh toppings, Casey’s promises not just a fill-up for your vehicle, but also for your taste buds. Their expansive inventory also covers household essentials and groceries. Categories: Pizza Restaurant, Gas Station, and more.

2. CITGO Flash Market #175

Known for its efficiency and quality, CITGO Flash Market #175 is a dependable spot for refueling. You can find more about their services at the main CITGO website. Categories: Convenience store, Gas Station, Refinery.

3. Exxon Corning

A trusted brand nationwide, Exxon in Corning ensures a convenient and quality experience for its customers. Find your nearest station here. Categories: Convenience Store, Gas Station.

4. Money Miser East

When it comes to offering a wide range of fuels and industrial materials, Money Miser East has its patrons covered. Categories: Fuel Retail, Gas Station, and more.

5. Corning Quick Stop

Located under the umbrella of Exxon, the Corning Quick Stop can be found here. With the reliability of the Exxon brand behind it, customers can expect top-tier service.

6. Valero Corning

Synonymous with quality petrochemical products, Valero in Corning is a go-to for many. Know more about them here. Categories: Petrochemical Products Suppliers.

7. Hometown Energy

For those in need of bulk gas, bottled gas, or even propane, Hometown Energy has it all. Categories: Fuel Retail, Propane & Natural Gas, and more.

8. Fowler Gas Co

From natural gas to snack products, Fowler Gas Co provides a diverse range of products and services. Categories: Gas company, Propane Gas, Local Business, and more.

9. The Junction

Fuel up and grab some essentials on-the-go at The Junction. Check out their offerings here. Categories: Convenience Store, Gas Station.

10. Supply Country Store

A unique blend of a gas station and a general store, Supply Country Store brings together the best of both worlds. Categories: Gas station, General Store.

11. Shands Country Inn Station

Offering a reliable fill-up for travelers and locals alike, Shands is a dependable fixture in the Corning community. Categories: Gas, Service Stations-Oil, and more.

12. Conley Gary Maintenance

Beyond fuel, Conley Gary Maintenance provides expert repair and rebuilding services for various equipment. Categories: Gas, Repair, Industrial Equipment Rebuilding, and more.

13. Casey’s (Doniphan, MO Location)

Offering another location for patrons to enjoy, the Doniphan Casey’s continues the tradition of combining fuel services with delicious pizza offerings. Categories: Pizza Restaurant, Gas Station, and more.

14. MFA Oil Petro-Card 24

Available around the clock, every day, the MFA Oil Petro-Card 24 in Marmaduke, AR provides a hassle-free fueling experience. Categories: Gas station.

15. Elvisphillips 66 Station Incorporated

From industrial materials to automotive services, Elvisphillips 66 ensures a broad spectrum of offerings for its customers. Categories: Fuel Retail, Automotive, Gas Station, and more.

In Conclusion: Corning, AR boasts a plethora of gas stations, each bringing its unique services and products. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Corning’s fuel industry ensures that you and your vehicle are well taken care of.

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