Coram’s Chinese Culinary Tapestry: An Insight into the Best Chinese Restaurants

July 10, 2023

Ming Garden

A treasure trove of Chinese cuisine in Coram, the Ming Garden, is loved for its extensive and authentic Chinese menu. The restaurant captivates the local community’s hearts with its traditional dishes crafted with care and perfection. For a taste of their culinary expertise, visit their website at

Ming Kong Kitchen

Ming Kong Kitchen is a notable spot for locals and tourists alike. Known for its Chinese delicacies, it leaves everyone coming back for more. Despite the absence of a website, the buzz surrounding this restaurant in Coram, NY is significant, reflecting its impeccable reputation.

Yummy Kitchen

Living up to its name, Yummy Kitchen serves delightful Chinese food, enticing patrons with its inviting atmosphere and flavorful dishes. Without a digital presence, it relies on its loyal customers’ word-of-mouth and the consistent quality it delivers.

Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant

Experience the joy of relishing in the exquisite Chinese cuisine at Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant. Known for its unique dishes and warm hospitality, it adds to the rich tapestry of Coram’s Chinese restaurant scene. Visit their website at

Panda House

Panda House is a one-stop destination for a variety of Chinese delicacies. Its inviting ambiance and flavorful food make it a must-visit restaurant in Coram, NY. Find out more about their mouth-watering menu at

Lam’s Szechuan Kitchen

Lam’s Szechuan Kitchen brings the spice and flavor of Szechuan cuisine to Coram, offering a unique and diverse dining experience. Despite the absence of a dedicated website, its strong local reputation makes it a sought-after destination.

Golden Wheel

Golden Wheel serves up a mesmerizing blend of Chinese cuisine, making it an enticing spot in Coram. It’s also known for its catering services, ensuring every event becomes a gastronomical delight. This restaurant proves that it’s not about the digital presence, but the flavors that speak volumes.

New Peking Kitchen

New Peking Kitchen is an Asian fusion restaurant offering a delightful mix of Chinese flavors. The modern twist on traditional Chinese cuisine provides a unique dining experience. Explore their vibrant menu on their website at

Great Wall Chinese Kitchen

Great Wall Chinese Kitchen is a popular destination for fast Chinese food, satisfying the cravings of locals and tourists alike. Despite the absence of a dedicated website, their Facebook page Great Wall Chinese Kitchen gives a glimpse of their scrumptious offerings.

Wing Wah Kitchen

Another gem in the Chinese culinary scene in Coram, Wing Wah Kitchen, is famous for its traditional Chinese offerings. Visit their website at to explore their delectable menu.

Best Food Kitchen

Best Food Kitchen lives up to its name by providing top-notch Chinese cuisine, leaving a lasting impression on its patrons. With no digital footprint, its reputation precedes it, making it a favorite amongst locals.

Golden Garden Restaurant

Golden Garden Restaurant serves Chinese cuisine that delights the palate and soothes the soul. Visit their website at to take a virtual tour of their mouth-watering menu.

Main City Chinese Kitchen

Main City Chinese Kitchen promises a delightful gastronomic journey through the heart of Chinese cuisine. Despite lacking a website, its reputation as a local hotspot makes it a must-visit.

China East

China East is a local favorite that offers a range of delicious Chinese dishes. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated website, its delicious food and charming atmosphere are the talk of the town.

Tasty House

Tasty House is a fast-food restaurant offering an array of Chinese delicacies. It also provides food and beverage delivery services for those who prefer enjoying their meals at home. Visit their website at to explore their offerings.

While the digital presence of some of these restaurants may be limited, the rich, flavorful culinary experiences they offer have left an indelible mark on the Coram food scene. These Chinese restaurants beautifully portray the essence of Chinese cuisine and continue to be a testament to Coram’s diverse gastronomic landscape.

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