Connecticut’s Rising Stars: Innovative Analytics Startups Revolutionizing US Industries

January 3, 2024

The pioneering spirit that forms the backbone of America’s thriving startup ecosystem is alive and vibrant in the Analytics industry. As of 2020, this sector has witnessed a surge of remarkable startup companies headquartered in Connecticut, adding to the region’s innovative dynamism. These startups harness cutting-edge technology and business strategies to offer a plethora of intrinsic services and solutions, shaping the future of Analytics industry. Here we present a group of these startup stars whose operational insight and entrepreneurial acuity are driving exciting transformations within the analytics industry.

These Connecticut-based entrepreneurial ventures, with their unique business models and advanced solutions, are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Analytics arena. Whether they’re streamlining commercial real estate services, revolutionizing Fintech, or using predictive analytics to mitigate risks, these startups are creating an impressive footprint in a diverse range of applications and industries. The following is an exclusive roundup of such avant-garde startups that aim to redefine the way businesses perceive and employ analytics.

The companies featured here are striking examples of how the practical application of rigorous data analysis can unlock new growth opportunities. From Blue 360 Analytics’ customized financial models to Sampoll’s product sampling experiences, these startups are leading the way in business intelligence and data-driven innovation. So, without further ado, let’s get to know these startups a little better.

Blue 360 Analytics

Founded by Stephen Lehner and Gary Fremder in 2020, Blue 360 Analytics offers investment managers customizable financial models through a comprehensive, research expert system. Headquartered in Lakeville, Connecticut, their services span the areas of Analytics, Financial Services, and FinTech.

NOWi Sensors LLC

The PropTech firm, NOWi Sensors LLC, was established by Charles Fayal and Jim Fayal. Located in Stonington, Connecticut, they provide commercial real estate, facility management, IT, predictive analytics, property management, and more. You can find them on LinkedIn and Twitter at @nowi_sensors.

Emergent Ventures

Based in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Emergent Ventures was founded by Keni Patel. The firm deals with Analytics, Angel Investment, Artificial Intelligence, and Venture Capital. Follow them on LinkedIn.


With its roots in Stamford, Connecticut, Hansvonlehwalt consults in analytics, automation and AI, cloud, security, digital business operations, and more. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @hansvonlehwalt.


As an Analytics, Advertising, and Software startup based in Stamford, Factors.AI simplifies analytics for businesses, helping them make better marketing decisions. It was founded by Aravind Murthy, Praveen Das, and Srikrishna Swaminathan. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @factorsai.


A Fintech establishment in Stamford, Civex was founded by John Armstrong, Mike Mattera, Richard Hoge, and Tim S. Keane. They specialize in analytics, data integration, and financial services among others. Get their updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @ImpactWithCivex.


Originally established in 2014 and headquartered in New Britain, Sampoll connects consumers and brands through product sampling experiences, rewards, and insights. The company was founded by Justin Lutz and Matt Riccardi. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @Sampoll_App.

Dillinger Research and Applied Data

Located in Woodstock, Connecticut, Dillinger Research and Applied Data facilitates analytics, education, non-profit, and social assistance services. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn.

The startups showcased here demonstrate entrepreneurial ingenuity and dynamism that is helping to constantly redefine the Analytics industry. These companies represent a tip of the iceberg of dynamic startups leading the charge in analytics with their innovative solutions and transformations. As the industry continues to grow, it will be exciting to see how these startups will evolve and shape the future landscape of analytics.

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