Columbus’s Medical Marvels: Innovating Health & Wellness in the Heart of Ohio

October 23, 2023

1. Sollis Therapeutics: A Pain-free Future

  • Sollis Therapeutics is leading the charge against the opioid crisis by developing non-opioid analgesic solutions that promise relief without the side effects of traditional painkillers.

2. Atreon Orthopedics: Pioneering Regeneration

  • Discover how Atreon Orthopedics is revolutionizing the medical device landscape with its cutting-edge regenerative technology for tendon-to-bone healing.

3. ParaGen Technologies: Multifaceted Medical Innovation

  • Addressing a broad range of clinical areas, ParaGen Technologies is making waves in wound care, orthopedics, vascular treatments, and hernia repair.

4. SWL Therapies: Patient-Centric Medication

  • Without a website but with a mission that’s just as significant, SWL Therapies is dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality medicines for all.

5. Poppins Health: Wholesome Healthcare

  • Poppins Health offers a holistic approach to healthcare by integrating primary care, prescription drugs, and behavioral health services under one roof.

6. LucidHealth: Enlightening Healthcare Performance

  • Dive into the world of LucidHealth, where state-of-the-art management tools and clinical support converge to optimize medical performance.

7. TegoSens: Intuitive Fluid Detection

  • With TegoSens, medical professionals and caregivers can now detect fluid retention effortlessly, both at point-of-care and in the comfort of the patient’s home.

8. Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan: Beyond Borders Healthcare

  • Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan symbolizes hope and healing by delivering essential maternal and child healthcare services in regions where they’re most needed.

9. TEConomy Partners: Strategizing Medical Advancements

  • TEConomy Partners is not just about medical solutions. They’re about envisioning and executing innovation-based economic development strategies.

10. Hydrate Me: The Revitalization Revolution

  • Hydrate Me introduces oxygen therapy that promises to recharge and rejuvenate the human body, initiating a new era in wellness.

11. Vascular Genesis: Sculpting the Future of Vascular Treatments

  • With a range of synthetic scaffold products, Vascular Genesis is laying the groundwork for groundbreaking vascular conduit replacements.

12. Mount Carmel Behavioral Health: Mind Matters

  • Addressing the core of mental health issues, Mount Carmel Behavioral Health offers comprehensive treatments for anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

13. Eden Counseling Centers: Healing Mind and Body

  • Catering to both mental and physical wellness, Eden Counseling Centers provides top-notch mental health and addiction treatment services.

14. Frontline Supplies: Defending Against Disease

  • From masks to sanitizers, Frontline Supplies is the go-to online store to arm oneself in the fight against infectious diseases.

15. Milestone Addiction Counseling: Navigating the Path to Recovery

  • Milestone Addiction Counseling stands as a beacon of hope, providing guidance, support, and treatment for substance use disorders and mental health challenges.

As these companies continue to drive innovation, redefine treatments, and prioritize patient care, Columbus cements its reputation as a burgeoning hub for medical advancement.

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