Chicago’s Trailblazing E-Commerce Startups Shaping the US Market Landscape

January 25, 2024

In recent years Chicago, the vibrant city in the heart of the midwest, has become a mecca for startups, particularly in the burgeoning world of E-Commerce. Since 2020, the startup landscape has flourished, infusing the city’s backbone industries with fresh energy and innovation. This surge of e-commerce startups is working to revolutionize the digital landscape, offering new solutions for businesses and customers alike. Let’s explore some of the most promising E-commerce startups that have emerged from the Windy City since 2020.

From mobile commerce to grocery chains, these startups are delivering novel and disruptive solutions that span across multiple niches in the E-Commerce sector. With their headquarters based in Chicago, these companies are making their mark in their respective industries and adding value to Chicago’s startup ecosystem. Here are some of the most notable startups that have commenced operations in 2020 or later.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, a potential investor, or simply interested in the latest ecommerce trends, this roundup of Chicago’s most promising startups will give you a snapshot of a thriving sector in one of the United States’ most dynamic cities. Here are our top picks for Chicago’s E-commerce upstarts.


Founded by Ruben Flores-Martinez in 2020, CASHDROP is shaking up the mobile commerce industry. The innovative platform allows businesses to create an online storefront from their phone in under 15 minutes. CASHDROP aims to be the fastest and easiest method for mobile savvy entrepreneurs looking to start selling, regardless of their industry.

Dom’s Kitchen & Market

Operated by Donald Fitzgerald, Jay Owen, and Robert Mariano, Dom’s Kitchen & Market is revolutionizing grocery shopping. With a unique business model that combines shopping, restaurant dining and home delivery, Dom’s Kitchen & Market brings an unprecedented synergy of convenience to its customers.


Co-founded by Boyede Sobitan and Fola Dada, OjaExpress is a unique digital marketplace aimed at ethnic and cultural groceries. OjaExpress aims to help customers discover unique, cultural product offerings and assists independent grocery stores in connecting with customers. is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce intelligence platform positioning itself as a game changer in the ecommerce sector.

The Dibz

Creators Autumn Schultz and Haley Zollo are the brains behind The Dibz, aiming to leave an indelible mark on the ecommerce industry.

Fox & Robin

Founded by Tommy Flaim, Fox & Robin is the first and only activewear brand to publicly disclose their factory worker’s wages, marking a step forward in transparency in the fashion industry.


Qinship is an up-and-coming E-Commerce platform, making waves in the e-commerce and marketing industry.


Established by Aslı Erol, and Okan Erol, Sortext is an artificial intelligence-based ecommerce conversion platform. Sortext is helping retailers to boost their web store’s revenues considerably.

Alex Crown

Alex Crown fulfills a unique niche in the ecommerce and fashion industry, leveraging the power of technology.

Sellers Attorneys

Sellers Attorneys is a trailblazing startup focusing on ecommerce, marketing, SEO, and web development.


Co-founded by Brett Fritz and Javier Ultreras, Optistics is a predictions-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict when shipments will be delayed. This aids customer service teams to stay ahead of any potential package delays, ultimately resulting in decreased support requests and increased customer satisfaction.

It is exciting to watch as these Chicago-based startups continue to grow, reshape their industries, and redefine ecommerce as we know it. Entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, and consumers alike will do well to keep their eyes on these promising startups.

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