Chicago’s Innovative Accounting Startups Transforming the US FinTech Ecosystem

January 3, 2024

The Chicago startup scene is a hotspot for innovative ideas, creative solutions, and valuable services. Within this dynamic ecosystem, several startups, specifically in the accounting industry, have emerged with an impressive impact since their inception in 2020. These companies are leveraging their expertise and innovative technologies to offer exceptional accounting and financial services, meeting a wide range of client needs. We’re spotlighting seven of these Chicago-based, cutting-edge startups here.

A closer look at these startups reveals a common theme: a strong commitment to client service coupled with a dedication to leveraging the latest technology to revolutionize accounting practices. As a result, they’re not only succeeding in a competitive market but are also set to shape the future of the accounting industry.

For startups and small businesses alike, a consistent and reliable accounting service is essential. That’s why these Chicago-based accounting startups are so important. They provide valuable solutions to everyday financial challenges faced by both businesses and individuals.

KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions

Founded by Kyle Nader, KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions aims to provide clients with a personalized approach to their unique business challenges. Their dedicated team of industry professionals offers solutions across myriad business issues, assisting startups and SMEs with Strategy, Operations, Finance, and Accounting services. The intimate group of business professionals is client-focused and brings together expertise across different areas of business necessity.

Remote Employee

With over 50 years of combined business and outsourcing experience, Remote Employee is committed to helping businesses of all sizes reduce operating costs and increase productivity. The company offers flexible talent sourcing from the Philippines, providing businesses access to premier offshore talents. Their services are inclusive of Office Space, Computer Workstations, Recruitment, HR, Payroll, and Support Services, ensuring clients maintain control over their teams’ processes, tasks, KPIs, and service quality.

Smooth Mortgage Company

Founded by Kiley Romero, Smooth Mortgage Company provides essential services such as home purchase mortgages, refinances, home renovation loans, investment properties, and reverse mortgages. Additionally, they offer services in tax and accounting, offering multi-layered solutions to their clients.

HCA Consulting Group

The HCA Consulting Group operates in the fields of Accounting, Consulting, and Human Resources, providing vital services to companies in need.

DJE Advisors LLC

Firmly rooted in the Accounting and Finance industry is DJE Advisors LLC. Started by David J. Elyashar in 2022, the independent tax and accounting firm serves business owners, individuals, and families with their accounting needs.


Launching in the Spring of 2023, Jacob Yocum’s ProVize aims to connect people to the professional support they need to achieve their financial goals. ProVize’s Professional Marketplace offers price transparency, detailed backgrounds, and secure communication and transaction location to facilitate connections with professionals.

These startups are not just offering accounting services, but they are also providing solutions that can transform the way businesses manage their finance. Leveraging their expertise and innovative technology, these Chicago-based startups are setting benchmarks for industry-specific services.

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