Chicago’s Healthcare Innovators: A Dive Into the City’s Top Hospital Startups

October 23, 2023

1. DxTx Pain and Spine

Website: DxTx Pain and Spine
Specializing in clinical care services, DxTx Pain and Spine stands as a beacon of relief for those battling pain and spine issues in the Chicago area.

2. SkinCure Oncology

Website: SkinCure Oncology
Going above and beyond traditional treatments, SkinCure Oncology offers a novel support system for radiation therapy in skin cancer treatment.

3. JupiterDX

Website: JupiterDX
JupiterDX has revolutionized patient care for those with chronic illnesses. With its data aggregation and analytics app, it aids in seamless care and data management.

4. EZClinic

Website: EZClinic
EZClinic leads the future of SaaS in healthcare with its AI predictive patient monitoring systems, ensuring timely interventions and optimal patient outcomes.

5. ConnectCareHero

Website: ConnectCareHero
Focusing on our elders, ConnectCareHero sparks joy and engagement among older adults through interactive programming, ensuring they remain socially connected.

6. Actualize Therapy

Website: Actualize Therapy
Combining technology with evidence-based approaches, Actualize Therapy offers effective therapeutic sessions for a range of psychological needs.

7. Ilerasoft

Website: Ilerasoft
Transforming hospital inventory management, Ilerasoft brings to the table utilization technology that turns equipment data into actionable insights.

8. Ovation Hand Institute

Website: Ovation Hand Institute
A pioneer in its niche, Ovation Hand Institute is the sole provider of the acclaimed Ovation Technique, offering specialized care for hand ailments.

9. Veradigm

Website: Veradigm
Through its integrated data systems, Veradigm offers unparalleled data-driven insights, elevating the standards of healthcare delivery.

10. Point C

Website: Point C
Serving as a hub for healthcare plan administrators, Point C builds a community of self-insured healthcare plan third-party administrators.

11. Element

Website: Element
Element is on a mission to assist hospitals and healthcare systems in expanding their lab outreach programs, ensuring efficient and widespread diagnostics.

12. Texture Health

Website: Texture Health
Texture Health presents a flexible and scalable tech platform that champions the needs of proactive providers and health plans.

13. Medeligo

Website: Medeligo
Empowering oncologists worldwide, Medeligo’s AI-powered search tool offers instantaneous access to the latest oncology research and multimedia resources.

14. Payformance Solutions

Website: Payformance Solutions
A torchbearer in health-tech, Payformance Solutions offers transformative payment services that streamline financial processes in healthcare.

15. Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss

Website: Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss
Dedicated to holistic well-being, Revolution PTWL integrates physical therapy with weight loss solutions, ensuring comprehensive patient health.

Chicago’s hospital startups are more than mere establishments; they are institutions of change, embodying innovation, compassion, and excellence in every stride. From advanced tech integrations to patient-centered care approaches, the future of healthcare in Chicago looks promising, thanks to these pioneering ventures.

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