California’s Best Analytics Startups – Innovations From the US Heartland

December 18, 2023

The evolution of business in the last decade has been spearheaded by a dynamic digital ecosystem where analytics play a pivotal role. Analytics helps businesses understand customer behaviors, enhance product quality, make informed decisions, and boost business growth. To help businesses leverage the power of analytics, a host of startups based in California have surfaced, offering innovative and cutting-edge analytics solutions.
These startups, founded in 2020 or later, are bringing a paradigm shift in the field of analytics by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

From firms offering open-source product analytics for developers, such as PostHog, to those providing data integration solutions like Airbyte, these startups reflect California’s robust startup ecosystem. They also showcase the United States’ relentless pursuit of digital excellence and reaffirm California’s status as a hotbed of technology innovation.

Here’s a deep dive into the journey, vision, and offerings of some of the recent top analytics startups headquartered in California.


Founded by James Hawkins and Tim Glaser in 2020, PostHog is an open-source product analytics platform for developers. Based in San Francisco, PostHog allows engineers to understand their product usage, automate events, and collect user data — a testament to the rise of customer-centric businesses. It auto-captures which features for product events are being triggered, providing key insights for product enhancements.


Developed by Navneet Loiwal and Tommy Tsai, Coefficient based in Palo Alto, is revolutionizing how businesses use spreadsheets. The Sabound, California-based startup turns spreadsheets into an operating system for business teams by offering real-time data connectivity, automation, and workflows. It is essentially a productivity tool that connects Google Sheets to any source system, ensuring that reports, dashboards, and insights are always up to date.

Surge AI

San Francisco-based Surge AI, founded by Edwin Chen, is a data labeling platform providing services for NLP’s dynamic challenges. With its fast data labelers and robust APIs, Surge AI builds enriched datasets infused with the intricacies of language. The startup also incorporates advanced quality controls to keep up with evolving demands in the Energy Services industries.


Built by Alex Morozov and Gleb Mezhanskiy in San Francisco, Datafold simplifies and automates analytical data quality management. It provides automated Data Engineering workflows like data quality monitoring, enabling instant table comparison and profiling to extract maximum value from analytical data.


Founded by Varun Sharma and Arnav Sharma in 2020, Enterpret helps companies analyze customer feedback to shape their product offerings. Based in San Francisco, this analytics and AI startup is pioneering new ways to extract actionable insights from customer data.


Calixa is an analytics, B2B, SaaS and Software solution developed by Thomas Schiavone in San Francisco. It pulls together data from 3rd party applications, data warehouses, and product event data, serving customer facing teams with actionable insights. The platform helps to find, close, and grow customers amidst a sea of self-serve signups.

Rill Data

Designed by Michael Driscoll and Nishant Bangarwa, Rill Data is an alternative to complex BI stacks. It merges SQL-based data modelling, real-time databases, and metrics dashboard in a single product, simplifying the creation and consumption of metrics.


Canvas, founded by Luke Zapart, Ryan Buick, and Will Pride in San Francisco, helps businesses build dashboards and answer data-driven queries connecting business applications like Stripe, Quickbooks, Segment, and others without setting up a data warehouse.


Created by Peter Gao and Quinn Johnson, Aquarium is a machine learning data management platform that enhances datasets to improve ML models. Based in San Francisco, it is pioneering the use of ML in data management.


Juno, founded by Josh Hotsenpiller in San Diego, offers a live and on-demand digital platform that connects, educates, and grows communities daily. It supports business growth with various tools for engagement, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming, and analytics.


Airbyte, an open-source data integration platform by John Lafleur and Michel Tricot in San Francisco, syncs data from applications, APIs, and databases to warehouses. It provides comprehensive control to data engineering teams over data pipelines on a single platform.

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