Brooklyn’s Emerging Consulting Industry: Spotlight on Innovative US Startups

January 27, 2024

Brooklyn, New York has become a fertile ground for startups, particularly those within the consulting industry. Despite the challenges of 2020, several new companies have planted roots in this vibrant urban landscape, drawing upon its rich resources and diverse talent pool. These startups are shaping new approaches in industries such as digital marketing, environmental consulting, real estate, software, and more. Here we showcase a selection of promising startups, all representing innovative thinking, dedication, and the infectious entrepreneurial spirit of Brooklyn.

Muse Platforms

Muse Platforms is a developer of digital marketing platforms that aim to provide innovation, insight, and impact in the digital world. Offering services such as Adobe Creative and Marketing Cloud services, Branding, Strategy and Innovation, Target and Content Marketing as well as Analytics. The firm helps clients solve complex problems by focusing on a triple bottom-line of revenue, diversity, and social impact. Muse Platforms not only delivers services, but fosters connections in the digital age. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Founded in 2020, Transcend aims to reconnect individuals to the environment to help them develop a healthy connection with their own death. Working at the intersection of environmental consulting and real estate, Transcend embodies the innovative and thoughtful perspectives shaping Brooklyn’s start-up landscape. LinkedIn

NY Building Violation Consulting

NY Building Violation Consulting operates as a building violation removal firm, leveraging years of real estate experience to resolve client violations efficiently and effectively. They provide transparency and communication throughout the process, ensuring that their clients are not only satisfied but also well-informed. LinkedIn

Brian Erbis Consulting, LLC

Offering services in financial crimes investigation consulting, blogging and prospective private investigating, Brian Erbis Consulting brings an expert perspective to the table. With a focus on security, fraud detection, and journalism, Brian Erbis Consulting highlights the diversity of consulting services coming out of Brooklyn. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Orgspace operates in the field of software and enterprise consulting, though the specifics of their offerings are still under wraps. This startup, like many others, symbolizes the innovative spirit brewing in the heart of Brooklyn. Twitter | LinkedIn


Founded in 2021, Telescope aims to streamline the process of job seeking and recruiting through innovative technology. Based in Brooklyn, this startup understands the need for efficiency and accuracy in the job market, and strives to make the process more accessible and effective for everyone involved.

A Dream Factory

A Dream Factory is a consultancy firm dedicated to helping young and ethically-minded companies achieve their goals. With a particular focus on helping firms transition from domestic to global markets, A Dream Factory is committed to realizing visions and avoiding common pitfalls. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Troika Labs

Troika Labs is a creative hub maximizing brand impact through the synergy of creativity and data science. They offer services for all media, strategic consulting, and rigorous data optimization through collaborative, responsive, flexible, and competitive groups of humans and computers. Facebook | LinkedIn

Cedar Carbon

Cedar Carbon develops carbon removal technology for urban environments, reflecting Brooklyn’s commitment to environmental innovation and resilience. LinkedIn


WebTheory is a venture studio incubating, building, and investing financial, human, and network capital to propel in-house solutions and early stage companies. Guided by the ambitious entrepreneurs, they are paving the way for the present and future needs of diverse industries. Twitter | LinkedIn

456 Growth Media

456 Growth Media consults brands in areas such as influencer marketing, paid media amplification strategy, product seeding and affiliate marketing. They also offer a range of talent services including calendar management, brand partnerships, and social media live training. It’s clear that this startup is focused on driving growth and providing comprehensive services. Facebook | LinkedIn

As highlighted above, these startups represent the diversity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Brooklyn’s start-up scene. From digital marketing to environmental consulting, these companies are pushing boundaries, shaping industries, and carving out a distinctive Brooklyn brand of business excellence.

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