Brookhaven Builders: Pioneering Construction in Mississippi

July 17, 2023

Brookhaven, Mississippi, boasts a diverse array of general contractors. Ranging from nationally recognized brands to locally grown businesses, these companies are shaping the built environment of Brookhaven and surrounding areas. This article presents a spotlight on these impressive companies that are setting industry standards with their distinct services and customer-centric approaches.

Home Services at The Home Depot

Home Services at The Home Depot is a one-stop solution for all home-related needs in Brookhaven, MS. From plumbing to painting, Home Depot has skilled local contractors ready to assist you with a comprehensive range of services.

Greenbriar Digging Service

While we could not find a website, Greenbriar Digging Service is known for its general contracting and building construction services. Their single-family housing construction expertise has earned them a solid reputation in the local community.

Adams Herschel Builders Incorporated

This company specializes in a wide variety of construction and remodeling services. Despite the lack of an official website, Adams Herschel Builders Incorporated remains a go-to for many in Brookhaven for their home construction needs.

HECK Services LLC

HECK Services LLC offers specialized land clearing and mulching services. Known for their excavation grading and right-of-way maintenance, they cater to a niche but important market in the area.

Laird Lec Electric Company

Laird Lec Electric Company operates through, providing general contracting services. The company is particularly reputed for their electrical work.

S & S Dragline Service Inc

Known for its building construction and operative builder services, S & S Dragline Service Inc is a reliable general contractor in the Brookhaven area. Although it does not have an official website, the company maintains a strong local presence.

Paul Jackson & Son Inc

Paul Jackson & Son Inc, accessible at, offers comprehensive general contracting services. The company is well-respected for its single-family housing construction expertise.

Noble Construction

Noble Construction is another well-known name in the Brookhaven general contractor industry. Despite not having a website, the company’s professional reputation precedes them.

Dunnaway Danny M

Dunnaway Danny M stands out for its offering of office equipment and furniture leasing. Without an official website, they continue to serve Brookhaven’s businesses and offices effectively.

Bilt Rite Structures

Bilt Rite Structures offers a unique blend of services including portable building manufacturing and construction of metal buildings and outdoor structures.

Brookhaven Custom Upholstery

Brookhaven Custom Upholstery brings a different service into the mix. They specialize in auto parts, upholstery, and other automotive components. Despite not having a website, their comprehensive range of services has made them a staple in the local Brookhaven market.

Case Painting

Case Painting offers specialized services in the painting and pressure washing domain. Without a website, the company has made its mark in the area’s residential and commercial sectors.

Mc Caffrey Construction

Mc Caffrey Construction is known for its single-family housing construction and general contracting services. Despite the absence of a website, their work in the Brookhaven community speaks for itself.

Deviney Construction Co

Deviney Construction Co offers a broad range of building construction services. Despite not having an official website, their reputation as a leading general contractor in the area remains unscathed.

Conpave Construction

Conpave Construction is a landscaper and gardening service provider, catering to commercial and industrial clients. They are locally recognized for their work in landscape design and lawn care, despite not having an official website.

These general contractors in Brookhaven, MS, are making a significant impact in shaping the local landscape. With their wide range of services and unique approaches, they continue to innovate, contribute, and uplift the standards in the industry.

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