Bristol’s Hidden Gems: Accounting Powerhouses in Virginia

July 5, 2023

The city of Bristol, Virginia, situated on the border of Tennessee, boasts a diverse and dynamic range of accounting firms and professionals. In the shadows of the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway, these organizations offer a host of services that go beyond the traditional accounting tasks. Let’s journey through this financial circuit, highlighting some of the key players in the region.

Dennison Jack & Associates Acct

A stalwart in the accounting industry, Dennison Jack & Associates Acct offers a wide range of services including public accounting, tax return preparation, auditing, bookkeeping, and financial planning. They seamlessly blend traditional accountancy with innovative financial solutions. Though they do not have a website, their reputation precedes them in the Bristol community.

Brown Edwards & Company LLP CPAs

Brown Edwards & Company LLP CPAs stands out with its comprehensive suite of accounting and business advisory services. Their diverse offerings extend from employee benefits, estate planning, business valuation, to healthcare consulting, and much more. They pride themselves on their full range of auditing and tax services, ensuring clients get the financial guidance they need.

Office Advantage

Office Advantage takes an interdisciplinary approach by offering services in accounting, auditing, research, management, and engineering. With this blend, they are able to serve a variety of clients and provide solutions that consider every aspect of a business.

Frans Bookkeeping Service

Without a website, Frans Bookkeeping Service still maintains a strong presence in the Bristol accounting scene. Offering a range of financial services, they also specialize in notary services, providing clients with a crucial and often overlooked service.

Peter Lawrie

Peter Lawrie is unique in Bristol’s accounting landscape, combining the worlds of architecture, engineering, accounting, and management services. As a local business, they are committed to meeting the diverse needs of Bristol’s residents.

Newland Fred Associates

Newland Fred Associates specializes in bookkeeping, payroll services, tax return preparation, and other business financial services. Although they don’t have a website, they continue to serve the Bristol community with their expertise.

H&R Block

H&R Block has a reputation that extends beyond Bristol’s borders. They boast a comprehensive tax preparation service, prioritizing customer safety and satisfaction with their Digital Drop-Off service. They’ve built their reputation on over 60 years of tax preparation experience.

Duncan Business Systems Inc

Duncan Business Systems Inc offers a combination of business consulting, accounting, and tax preparation services. With these, they’re equipped to handle all of a business’s financial needs.

Newland Tax & Bookkeeping, LLC

Newland Tax & Bookkeeping, LLC, found on, offers specialized tax preparation services. Their focus on tax-specific services makes them a go-to choice for individuals and businesses during tax season.

Sandra H Venable

Sandra H Venable, an accountant known for her meticulous and personalized approach, operates without a website but maintains a robust clientele based on her reputation alone.

Burk Dent K Associates Pc CPAs

Burk Dent K Associates Pc CPAs offer a range of public accounting and tax preparation services. As certified public accountants, they bring a level of expertise and assurance that clients can trust.

Medical Solutions Unlimited

Medical Solutions Unlimited is an interesting blend of healthcare administration and accounting. They offer a unique perspective on financial and business consulting in the medical field.

Vollmer Nita F CPA

Vollmer Nita F CPA is a certified public accountant offering expert services. As a part of the Brown Edwards team, she provides her clients with the benefits of a broad-based firm and the personalized service of a dedicated CPA.

State Change Tst

Despite the lack of a specific website or detailed business description, State Change Tst serves the Bristol area as a reliable accounting service.


Pro-Tax is a tax consultancy firm specializing in tax return preparation. Their services ensure that individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of tax season with ease.

The variety and depth of accounting services available in Bristol, Virginia reflect the city’s vibrant economic landscape. These firms and professionals offer a blend of traditional and specialized services, proving that the city’s financial circuit is as exciting as its racing counterpart.

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