Brisbane’s Video Vanguard: A Look at Top Video Production Houses in the Bay Area

July 22, 2023

Little Giant Lighting & Grip

An essential asset in the Brisbane video production scene, Little Giant offers all things related to lighting and grip – ensuring your project gets the illumination it deserves.

Catapult Studios

Ready to launch your video project to new heights? Catapult Studios is known to push boundaries and innovate in the realm of video production.

Visions Plus

With a name like Visions Plus, you can expect extra when it comes to transforming your video ideas into reality.

Acme Scenery Company

  • Website:
  • Description: Acme Scenery is a full service scene shop located in the San Francisco bay area. They offer a range of services including set design, custom fabrication, special effects, and more.
  • Categories: A myriad, including set designs, props, and museum exhibits.

Creating a visually captivating set can make or break a video. Acme’s vast variety of offerings ensures each scene is as compelling as the narrative.

Troxell Communications Inc

  • Categories: Information Not Available

Though details remain scarce, Troxell has made waves in the industry with its notable contributions.

RedGate Films, Inc.

Ensuring each frame is crafted with passion, RedGate stands as a beacon for film enthusiasts and professionals in Brisbane.

fiveangle contact

Taking a multi-faceted approach to videography, fiveangle offers intriguing perspectives in the world of video production.

Wohler Technologies Inc – Main Office

  • Categories: Software Company, Broadcasting, Audiovisual Equipment & more

Wohler Technologies is a hub for those looking to combine tech with cinematic ventures, providing an array of services to boost your production quality.

Trakworx Recording & Mastering

  • Website:
  • Categories: Entertainment Industry, Music Production, Audio Production & Recording

Lending a touch of magic to sound, Trakworx ensures the auditory experience of your video is as rich as its visual.

Great Video Maker

  • Website:
  • Categories: Video production service

As the name suggests, if you’re aiming to craft a fantastic video, this company should be on your radar.

Cloud of Joy Entertainment

Infusing joy and creativity, this company elevates entertainment to a new level, making it a must-know in Brisbane’s film circuit.

Studio 22

  • Categories: Recording Studio Equipment

For those aiming for impeccable sound, Studio 22 offers state-of-the-art equipment that ensures pristine audio recording.

Yosemite Studios

Music and soundscapes can shape a viewer’s experience. Yosemite Studios ensures it’s always harmonious.

Projection Video Services Incorporated

  • Categories: Audio visual, Equipment Rental & Leasing

For equipment needs and high-quality rentals, look no further than Projection Video Services.

Ayala Mike Video Productions

  • Categories: Entertainment Industry, Video Production, Motion Picture Services

Rounding off our list is Ayala Mike, a production house known for creating mesmerizing cinematic experiences.

Brisbane, CA may be lesser-known compared to its larger counterparts, but with these dynamic production houses, it’s carving a niche for itself in the world of video. From pre-production to post, Brisbane’s got talent and technology, making it a burgeoning hub for all things film and video.

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