Bridgton’s Financial Beating Heart: Spotlight on its Top Accountant Companies

June 10, 2023

Accounting firms are at the heart of the modern business world, offering crucial services such as financial planning, tax preparation, auditing, and bookkeeping. The picturesque town of Bridgton, Maine, despite its small size, is home to a diverse array of accountant companies. Below we delve into some of Bridgton’s most notable firms, their specialties, and the unique services they offer.

Huntress & Associates, P.A.

Operating in the core accounting sector, Huntress & Associates, P.A. demonstrates its commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and expertise. Although the company has not provided a detailed description or website, its reputation within the industry speaks for itself.

Jones Bruce Cpa – Jones & Matthews

Offering an extensive array of services, from tax return preparation to legal services, Jones Bruce Cpa – Jones & Matthews is more than just an accounting firm. They also offer finance and payroll services. You can visit their website here.

Grondin & Chandel P a Cpa

Grondin & Chandel P a Cpa is a one-stop-shop for a range of financial services. In addition to typical accounting services, they also specialize in oil and gas field services. Their diverse portfolio indicates a commitment to servicing a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

Chandel Associates Pa Cpa

With specialties in tax preparation and accounting, Chandel Associates Pa Cpa offers comprehensive finance services. While no website is provided, the firm’s extensive category list suggests a broad range of expertise.

Jones & Matthews P a

If you’re an accountant or tax professional in need of a website, Jones & Matthews P a, with their webpage wizard, can get your site online in no time. More about their services can be found on their website.

Strategic Business Resources

This firm, although not providing a description or website, is known to be a valuable resource for accounting services in Bridgton.

Gray Jane d Cpa

A unique blend of accounting and forestry services is offered by Gray Jane d Cpa. This firm stands out with its specialized services catering to natural resource professionals worldwide. Their website can be accessed here.

Advanced Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.

This firm brings a specialized focus to the medical billing area, demonstrating the wide-ranging applications of accounting expertise.

KM Bookkeeping LLC

Specializing in bookkeeping services, KM Bookkeeping LLC offers its clients detailed and efficient bookkeeping solutions. Find more about their services on their website.

Bliss & Assoc Inc

Bliss & Assoc Inc expands beyond the realm of accounting into land surveying and engineering. The firm’s multi-disciplinary approach can be further explored on their website.

Tahoe Financial Services

Even without a detailed description or a website, Tahoe Financial Services is a known contributor to Bridgton’s financial services landscape.

Ta Accounting

Another key player in the accounting industry in Bridgton, Ta Accounting upholds the town’s reputation for reliable and competent financial services.

Bernard Leo Cpa – Bos Accounting

Bernard Leo Cpa – Bos Accounting offers an extensive array of financial services. Their specialties include tax preparation, bookkeeping, and auditing services.

Bookkeeping Plus

Bookkeeping Plus is another firm offering specialized bookkeeping services in Bridgton. Their website can be found [here](


Micklon Vi Accountant

Micklon Vi Accountant rounds out our list with its comprehensive suite of accounting and bookkeeping services. Its diverse category list suggests an ability to handle various financial situations.

Bridgton, Maine, may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to accounting services. These companies showcase the breadth and depth of accounting expertise in the region, proving that no matter the financial needs, Bridgton has an accountant firm ready and able to assist.

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