Bridgeton’s Bedazzling Boutiques: Unveiling New Jersey’s Finest Jewelers

June 27, 2023

Diamonds & Design

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Diamonds & Design has the perfect offering for individuals with a penchant for fine craftsmanship. Whether it’s watches that showcase intricate details or diamond jewelry that adds a dash of class, their collection is a testament to quality and design.

Spinelli Jewelers

Categories: Jeweler, Jewelers, Jewelry & Watches Store

Spinelli Jewelers stands out for their wide array of jewelry and watches. Each piece in their collection is crafted with precision and care, making it a go-to destination for those seeking superior quality and designs.

The Maria Collection

Categories: Jewelers, Jewelry, Watches, Jewelry Stores, Watch Store

Offering a wide array of jewelry and watches, The Maria Collection is a must-visit for those who appreciate unique design and excellent craftsmanship. The boutique’s impressive collection caters to various styles and preferences.

Acapulco Music

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Acapulco Music is a multifaceted business offering an eclectic mix of offerings from clothing accessories to music boxes. Their unique selection of jewelry adds to their charm, promising a different kind of retail experience.

Novedades Espinoza


Novedades Espinoza, though elusive in categories, is another noteworthy jeweler in Bridgeton. Their unique appeal lies in their mysterious charm and intriguing collections.

Ellie’s Treasures


Ellie’s Treasures is a hidden gem in Bridgeton, offering an intriguing selection of jewelry that’s sure to cater to various tastes.

Skulnicks Jewelers

Categories: Repair, Jewelers, Jewelry Repair, Watches
Website: N/A

Skulnicks Jewelers goes beyond being a mere retailer, offering expert repair services in addition to its wide array of jewelry and watches.

Cumberland Mall – Stores, Zales Jewelers

Categories: Jewelry Stores

As part of Zales, America’s diamond store since 1924, Cumberland Mall’s store offers an impressive selection of fine jewelry, ranging from rings to watches.

Pawn It – Cash for Gold, Jewelry, & More


Pawn It offers a unique twist on the conventional jewelry shopping experience, allowing individuals to not only buy jewelry but also exchange it for cash.

Silver & Gold Connection

Categories: Jeweler, Manufacturer, Clothing Accessories, Jewelry, Accessory Wholesale & Manufacturers, Jewelry Wholesale & Manufacturers
Website: N/A

The Silver & Gold Connection is your destination for wholesale jewelry purchases, boasting a comprehensive selection that ranges from clothing accessories to exquisite jewelry.

R&D Pawn & Smoke Shop -Vineland’s #1 Pawn Shop


R&D Pawn & Smoke Shop is a popular pawn shop, offering an assortment of unique, often rare, jewelry pieces that cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

Totally Pagoda

Categories: Jewelry, Jewelry Stores

Totally Pagoda is a mall-based retailer known for its ear-piercing services, earrings, and a range of other jewelry. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your accessory needs.

Jewelry Land

Categories: Jewelry store, Jewelry Stores
Website: N/A

Jewelry Land offers a wide range of jewelry, perfect for those seeking to add a bit of sparkle to their collection.

Time After Time

Categories: Watch store, Accessories, Service, Jewelry, Eyewear

Time After Time is the destination for those who appreciate the beauty and precision of watches. In addition to timepieces, they also offer a variety of jewelry and accessories.

Cleopatra Jewelry

Categories: Jewelry Stores
Website: N/A

Cleopatra Jewelry brings the allure of ancient aesthetics to modern designs, offering a range of jewelry that is as unique as it is stunning.

Bridgeton, NJ’s jewelry scene is as vibrant as it is diverse. Whether you’re looking for exquisite diamonds, timeless watches, or unique designs, these jewelers have something special to offer. Step into one of these stores to discover the allure of Bridgeton’s finest jewelers.

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