Brewton’s Furniture Emporium: Uncovering Alabama’s Hidden Gems

June 25, 2023

Hainjes Incorporated

As a furniture store with a diversified offering, Hainjes Incorporated has made its mark in the furniture industry in Brewton, Alabama. Their extensive variety of furniture caters to different design preferences and budgets, becoming a trusted choice among locals.

James Brothers Furniture

James Brothers Furniture offers more than just a furniture store. With a broad category selection ranging from gardens and homes to furniture dealerships, it’s a one-stop shop for those looking to redefine their living spaces.

Farmers Home Furniture BREWTON

Providing furniture for every room in the house, Farmers Home Furniture BREWTON takes the shopping experience a step further. They offer an array of other products such as electronics, lawn care equipment, home decor, and toys. Farmers Home Furniture ensures customers can capitalize on the special deals and offers available.

Badcock Home Furnishings Center

With a clean and stylish aesthetic, Badcock Home Furnishings Center caters to every furniture-related need. This store prides itself on offering advice and assistance to customers looking to purchase the right furniture pieces for every room of their house.

Cannons Carpets

From flooring to garden supplies and home accessories, Cannons Carpets boasts a wide range of products that complement their primary offering of carpets and flooring materials. Their diversified assortment is sure to cater to every customer’s home renovation needs.


Aaron’s, a renowned rent-to-own store, offers its customers the flexibility to shop the latest deals on name brand lease-to-own electronics, furniture, appliances, and more, making luxury affordable.

Brewton Heights Barber Shop

Brewton Heights Barber Shop is an unusual combination of services – offering barber services along with home furniture. A unique twist that makes it a stand-out entity in the local market.

Wal Mart – Photo

Wal Mart – Photo brings the global giant’s retail experience to Brewton, offering a variety of products, including furniture, at discount prices.

Country Pine Furniture Co

Country Pine Furniture Co is a treasure trove for those with a love for bespoke furnishings. They offer a multitude of services, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to custom-made furniture.

Scott’s Jay Appliance & Furniture C

While Scott’s Jay Appliance & Furniture C is primarily an appliances and furniture store, they also cater to those in search of kitchen accessories, making them an ideal destination for home enthusiasts.

Barrow Fine Furniture

For almost 60 years, Barrow Fine Furniture has served South Alabama homeowners with quality furniture, affordable prices, and superior customer service. It has established its reputation as a trusted furniture store for customers seeking top brands at excellent prices.

This diverse selection of furniture stores in Brewton, Alabama, ensures that customers can find just the right pieces to create the perfect space, regardless of their design aesthetics or budgetary constraints. Explore these hidden gems to uncover the best of Alabama’s furniture offerings.

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