Bremerton’s Best: A Glimpse into the Vibrant Nail Salon Scene

July 27, 2023

1. Cjs Nails

Categories: Nail salon, Salon, Barbers, Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Barber & Beauty Salons

While a website is not provided, Cjs Nails is renowned for its multifaceted services, ranging from standard manicures to barber services.

2. Nail Art

Categories: Nail salon, Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty, Manicuring, Manicurist, Pedicurist

Nail Art lives up to its name, merging artistry and precision to create impeccable nail designs.

3. Orchid Nails

Categories: Nail salon, Business Services, Cosmetics Store

Orchid Nails, beyond their salon services, stands out with its cosmetics store, offering clients a diverse range of beauty products.

4. Kitsap Nails

Categories: Nail Salon, Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Manicuring, Local Business

Kitsap Nails not only serves as a haven for relaxation and beauty but also as an integral part of the local Bremerton community.

5. Elegant Nails

Categories: Nail salon

True to its name, Elegant Nails promises sophistication and class with every service.

6. Platinum Nails

Categories: Nail salon

For those seeking a luxurious nail experience, Platinum Nails delivers excellence.

7. Timothy Stimac Salon & SPA

Categories: Spa, Day Spa, Hair Salons, Nail Salon

With an expansive list of offerings, Timothy Stimac Salon & SPA is more than just a nail salon; it’s a complete spa retreat.

8. Super Nails

Website: Unfortunately, their website link appears to be broken.
Categories: Nail Salon, Manicure, Pedicure, Manicuring

Super Nails offers superior nail services that promise to impress.


Categories: Spa, Nail Salon, Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Service

An intriguing blend of nail and spa services with aquatic experiences, making it an ideal location for relaxation.

10. Tina Mai Dba Future Nails

Categories: Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty, Manicuring, Nail Salon, Manicurist, Pedicurist

Future Nails by Tina Mai encapsulates the future of nail artistry and care.

11. The Parlour

Categories: Beauty salon

The Parlour offers a cozy and luxurious atmosphere for clients to indulge in.

12. Connie & Co

Categories: Tanning Salons, Salon, Sun Tanning, Beauty Salon, Nails, Beds, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauticians, Hair Tinting, Tanning Beds, Sculptured Acrylic Nails

Connie & Co is a beauty powerhouse, providing an array of services that cater to diverse beauty needs.

13. Roses Nail

Categories: Nail Salon, Manicure, Pedicure, Manicuring

Roses Nail brings the finesse and creativity of Nancy to the fingertips of Bremerton.

14. Cerulean Blue Studio Salon

Categories: Nail salon

Blending art with nail services, Cerulean Blue Studio Salon showcases a world of creativity.

15. Essentials Salon

Categories: Beauty salon, Hair Salons, Nail Salon

With a focus on the essential beauty needs of every client, Essentials Salon ensures everyone leaves feeling refreshed and confident.

Bremerton, WA, has clearly established itself as a hub for nail aficionados. Each salon brings its unique flavor, ensuring there’s something for everyone in this scenic city.

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