Bremerton’s Best: A Culinary and Cocktail Tour of its Top Bar & Grills

August 10, 2023

19th Hole Bar & Grill
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The 19th Hole Bar & Grill captures the essence of what a post-golf gathering should be – delightful American fare, a broad drink menu, and a cozy atmosphere with captivating golf course views. Regulars and tourists alike can revel in live music and entertainment on select evenings, ensuring every visit is a memorable one.

Categories: American Restaurant, Sports Bar, Bar & Grill, Cocktail Lounge, and more.

Remedy Speakeasy

Unfortunately, no description is available for Remedy Speakeasy. But its status as a Bar & Grill ensures it’s a destination worth exploring.

Categories: Bar & Grill

White Horse Bar & Grill

Another name without a direct description. Dive into the White Horse Bar & Grill to uncover what culinary treasures await.

Categories: Bar & Grill

A & C Sports Bar

A place that captures the spirit of both Eating & Drinking, A & C Sports Bar is a go-to for those seeking good food and a lively atmosphere.

Categories: Eating Places, Drinking Places, Bar & Grill, Eating & Drinking

Tracyton Tavern
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Discover the charm of Tracyton Tavern, a delightful blend of Pub and Bar & Grill.

Categories: Bar, Pub, Bar & Grill

Horse and Cow Pub and Grill
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A delightful mix of pub charm and Bar & Grill essence. Dive in to uncover its specialties.

Categories: Pub, Bar & Grill

Wee Blu Inn Again

Step into Wee Blu Inn Again for a classic Bar & Grill experience and perhaps a surprise or two.

Categories: Bar, Bar & Grill

Cookies Clubhouse Bar & Grill

More than just a Bar & Grill, Cookies Clubhouse promises an amalgamation of art, entertainment, and mouth-watering culinary delights.

Categories: Bar, Pub, Tavern, Club, Art, Restaurant, Entertainment, Local Business, Bar & Grill

Joey’s Hangout
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For those looking for the quintessential Bar & Grill experience, Joey’s Hangout is a must-visit.

Categories: Bar & Grill

Tik Tok’s Workshop
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A workshop where pub meets restaurant, Tik Tok’s Workshop is an experience in itself.

Categories: Pub, Restaurant, Bar & Grill

Jimmy D’s Hwy 3 Roadhouse
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Dive into Jimmy D’s for a classic American culinary journey, blending a Bar & Grill atmosphere seamlessly.

Categories: Bar & Grill, Bar, American Restaurants, Restaurant/Cafe

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A hint of Americana mixed with the classic Bar & Grill vibe makes the Garage a Bremerton favorite.

Categories: American Restaurant, Bar, Bar & Grill

Cloverleaf Sports Bar & Grill
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With its extensive category list, Cloverleaf offers a holistic Bar & Grill experience, complemented by scrumptious burgers and a sports bar vibe.

Categories: Bar & Grill, Burger Restaurant, Sports Bar, Eating Places, Burger Restaurants, Eating & Drinking

The Dugout Sports Bar & Grill
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Owned by Bremerton’s Demulling family, The Dugout is more than a restaurant. It’s a family-friendly haven where upscale food meets reasonable prices, ensuring every visitor gets the best of both worlds.

Categories: Sports Bar, American Restaurants, Bar & Grill

Manette Yacht Club Bar

While there’s no direct description available, the Manette Yacht Club Bar promises a blend of American flavors, tapas delights, and the classic Bar & Grill charm.

Categories: American Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Pub, American Restaurants, Cocktail Bar, Bar & Grill

As Bremerton’s culinary and cocktail scene continues to evolve, its collection of Bar & Grills remains an emblem of the city’s vibrant culture and history. Dive into any of these spots and experience Bremerton in its truest form.

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