Breezewood’s Auto Repair Ecosystem: Pioneers, Innovators, and Trusted Service Providers

June 19, 2023

The small town of Breezewood, Pennsylvania, is surprisingly bustling with a rich landscape of automotive repair companies. With everything from general repair shops to specialized services, let’s explore the gamut of what these noteworthy businesses offer.

Bob’s Auto Repair

Bob’s Auto Repair is a one-stop-shop for an extensive list of services. From general automotive repair to specialized tasks like auto transmission repair, brake repair, fuel injection repairs, and mufflers & exhaust systems services, Bob’s can handle it all. They are also a trusted provider for automotive parking and oil & lube services.

Lasalle’s Engine & Chassis

Lasalle’s Engine & Chassis has marked its territory in the realm of automotive repair, acting as a dependable local business and auto machine shop. Visit their website here for more information.

Ron’s Auto Svc

Offering a comprehensive range of automotive repair and services, Ron’s Auto Svc is a reliable player in Breezewood’s automotive industry. Its extensive capabilities include automotive parking and general repair services.

Interstate Emergency Services Incorporated

Whether you’re looking for automotive repair, towing, road service, or wrecking services, Interstate Emergency Services Incorporated has got you covered. This firm is dedicated to serving the community with their quick and reliable services.

Weavers Diesel & Truck Repair-Cummins Dealer

Weavers Diesel & Truck Repair-Cummins Dealer specializes in truck repair, acting as a reputable service provider in the industry. They offer top-tier services for all truck-related needs.

Millers Auto Body & Repair

Miller’s Auto Body & Repair has solidified its status as a go-to auto body shop in Breezewood, offering everything from truck repair to auto inspection services.

ProPaint Kustoms

Offering a unique blend of artistry and auto body repair, ProPaint Kustoms has made a name for itself in the town. Their creative solutions and high-quality work keep customers coming back.

TA Truck Service

TA Truck Service offers comprehensive preventive maintenance for trucks. Their team of expert technicians is trained to identify potential issues before they become serious problems. With services ranging from advanced diagnostics to 24/7 roadside assistance, TA Truck Service is your one-stop solution for truck repair needs.

TA Travel Center

The TA Travel Center serves as an oasis for professional truck drivers and travelers alike. From fueling services to maintenance and repairs, they also offer a selection of fast food options to refresh travelers on their journey.

Del’s Truck & Auto Repair LLC

Specializing in truck repair and cargo services, Del’s Truck & Auto Repair LLC is a trusted service provider in Breezewood. Their towing services are highly valued within the community.


PAINTERS GARAGE is a trusted auto repair shop known for its engine and transmission services. In addition, their reliable towing service makes them a valuable resource within Breezewood.

Aaa Locksmith & Towing

Aaa Locksmith & Towing provides an unusual but highly useful combination of services. They offer everything from building materials to auto inspection and locksmith services.


FISCHERS GARAGE INC is a one-stop-shop for engine and transmission repairs. As an authorized ACDelco auto parts store, it ensures high-quality parts are used for all repairs.

Fischer’s Garage Inc.

Similar to FISCHERS GARAGE INC, Fischer’s Garage Inc. also operates as an ACDelco auto parts store, offering top-quality auto parts for various needs.

As this guide shows, Breezewood is not lacking when it comes to the breadth and depth of auto repair services. Whether you are a local, a traveler passing through, or a business requiring specialized services, the auto repair industry in Breezewood, PA has got you covered.

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