Breezewood, PA: A Culinary Crossroads of Classic Eateries and Global Brands

July 23, 2023

Dunkin’ – Wake Up, Breezewood!
Visit Dunkin’
Categories: Coffee Shop, Donut Shop, Breakfast Restaurant, Bakery, Bagel Shop, Fast Food Restaurant, Take Out Restaurant
From morning to evening, Dunkin’ stands as America’s all-day hotspot for coffee and delectable bites. Don’t forget to use the Dunkin’ mobile app for those hurried mornings!

Starbucks – Sip & Surf
Find Your Starbucks in Breezewood
Categories: Coffee Shop, Cafe, Coffee Store, Espresso Bar, Internet Cafe, Breakfast Restaurant
Whether you’re on a business trip or just need a midday pick-me-up, Starbucks has got you covered.

Hardee’s – Charbroiled Perfection
Visit Hardee’s
Categories: Fast Food Restaurant, Burger Joint
Fluffy biscuits, crispy bacon, and unforgettable Angus burgers – Hardee’s is not just another fast-food restaurant. It’s a Breezewood culinary experience.

McDonald’s – Safe, Swift, Satisfying
Check Out McDonald’s
Categories: Fast Food Restaurant, Restaurant, Breakfast Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Burger Joint, Sandwich Restaurant
Maintaining safety and providing a myriad of convenient ordering options, McDonald’s commitment to quality is unparalleled.

Pizza Hut – Can’t OutPizza the Hut
Order from Pizza Hut
Categories: Pizza Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Chicken Wings Restaurant, Take Out Restaurant, Restaurant, Restaurant Delivery Service
Indulge in a slice of classic Meat Lovers® or the unique Original Stuffed Crust® only at Pizza Hut, Breezewood.

Bob Evans – Homestyle Goodness
Find Your Nearest Bob Evans
Categories: Family Style Restaurants
With affordable meals starting at just $4.99 and delivery services available, Bob Evans is the place for a hearty meal.

Subplicity – Simply American
Discover Subplicity
Categories: American restaurant, American Restaurants
The name might hint at simplicity, but the flavors here are anything but!

Classic American Diner – Where Tradition Meets Taste
Categories: American restaurant
For a quintessential American dining experience, this is your stop.

Wildwood Inn Restaurant – Diverse Delights
Visit Wildwood Inn
Categories: American restaurant, Eating Places, American Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, New American Restaurant, Eating & Drinking
Taste the essence of America and more at the Wildwood Inn Restaurant.

Arby’s – More than Just Sandwiches
Grab a Bite at Arby’s
Categories: Arby’s, Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Take Out Restaurant, American Restaurant, Sandwich Restaurant
From the Classic Roast Beef to the French Dip, Arby’s has been serving mouth-watering sandwiches since 1964.

Perkins Family Restaurant – Anytime is Breakfast Time
Categories: Restaurant
Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Perkins ensures that you can enjoy a hearty breakfast plate at any time of the day.

Champs Chicken – Comfort on a Plate
Experience Champs Chicken
Categories: Chicken Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Chicken Joint
From its perfectly seasoned fried chicken to its support of the Super Sam Foundation, Champs Chicken offers more than just a meal.

Travelers’ Oasis – Quick Bites and Fuel Ups
Visit Travelers’ Oasis
Categories: Fast Food Restaurant, Gas Station, Coffee Shop
Your ultimate stop for a quick meal or coffee refuel when on the road.

Dairy Queen – Treat Yourself!
Indulge at Dairy Queen
Categories: Dairy Queen, Fast Food Restaurant, Restaurant
When the journey gets long, a sweet treat or classic meal from Dairy Queen awaits you.

From globally-recognized brands to cherished local spots, Breezewood’s restaurant scene is both diverse and delightful, ensuring there’s a flavor for every palate.

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