Brandon’s Bounty: A Tour of Unique Grocery Ventures in Vermont

August 18, 2023

Brandon, VT, a charming town nestled among the rolling hills of Vermont, is home to an array of grocery stores, markets, and producers that are as rich and diverse as the community itself. From traditional supermarkets to farms that sell directly to the public, these businesses provide the town with a unique, local-centric shopping experience. Here’s a closer look at some of the noteworthy grocery companies that have rooted themselves in this vibrant Vermont community.

Hannaford: A History of Quality and Convenience

Hannaford is a tried-and-true choice for many residents. Established in 1883 in Portland, Maine, Hannaford Supermarkets now grace many towns in New England, including Brandon. Their focus remains on providing high-quality fresh foods at everyday low prices, with a shopping experience designed for convenience and affordability.
Visit Hannaford’s Website

Woods Market Gardens: From Farm to Table

With its broad range of categories—from farm services to specialty groceries—Woods Market Gardens is a versatile venture offering an abundance of fresh, locally sourced products.
Learn More About Woods Market Gardens

Union Street Grocery: Your Neighborhood Convenience Store

Union Street Grocery is a staple for local shoppers looking for a convenient and friendly shopping experience. Its categories suggest a focus on general grocery items as well as a larger supermarket selection.
Explore Union Street Grocery

Grand Union Co: A Local Shopping Fixture

As a local business and supermarket, Grand Union Co plays a key role in the Brandon community, serving the daily needs of its residents.

CITGO Mac’s Brandon: More Than Just a Gas Station

While primarily a gas station and refinery, CITGO Mac’s Brandon extends its services to provide a variety of convenience items for travelers and locals alike.
Visit CITGO Mac’s Brandon

Mc Donough’s Fuel & Svc Ctr: Fueling the Community

Besides offering gasoline services, this local business is likely a convenient stop for locals looking for quick and easy service.

Forestdale Grocery & Deli: A One-Stop Shop

Forestdale Grocery & Deli appears to be a perfect spot for those seeking fresh deli options alongside their grocery essentials.

Leicester Properties Inc: A Local Grocery Gem

With a focus on grocery items, Leicester Properties Inc adds to the diverse options available for residents of Brandon, VT.
Check Out Leicester Properties Inc

Fire Hill Farm: The Gourmet Destination

Specializing in gourmet foods, Fire Hill Farm is likely the go-to for residents with a taste for the finer things in life.

Mountain Cider Company: Sip the Sweetness

As a food products supplier, Mountain Cider Company likely offers a range of delicious, apple-based products.
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The Elnicki Pickle Company: For the Love of Pickles

A specialty grocery store that likely tantalizes taste buds with an assortment of pickled delights.
Explore The Elnicki Pickle Company

Maple Meadow Farm: Farm Fresh Finds

As both a farm and grocery store, Maple Meadow Farm likely provides locals with fresh, directly sourced products.
Learn About Maple Meadow Farm

Kamudas Super Mkt: The Community’s Deli and Market

This local gem likely offers a mix of regular grocery store items and a beloved deli section.
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Grandpa Jim’s: BBQ Like No Other

With barbecue sauces and seasonings available for purchase, Grandpa Jim’s adds a flavorful twist to the local grocery scene.
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Buxtons Store: The Town’s Specialty Grocery Store

Buxtons Store is more than a grocery—it’s a local institution, with a deli, specialty grocery items, and a deep connection to the community.
Explore Buxtons Store

From the expansive selection at Hannaford to the farm-fresh offerings at Woods Market Gardens, Brandon, VT offers a grocery shopping experience as rich and inviting as the town itself. Each business, with its unique flavors and services, contributes to the town’s vibrant, community-centric atmosphere—a true Vermont treasure.

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