Boston’s Rising Non-Profit Startups: Revolutionizing Philanthropy in the US

January 28, 2024

The global philanthropic landscape is evolving, with innovative nonprofit startups paving the way. Boston, a city known for its rich history, is also a thriving hub for startups, particularly in the non-profit sector. These startups are harnessing the power of innovation and digital technology to solve social issues, empowering communities, and drive systemic change. From education, finance to immigrant justice, Boston’s startups are championing causes that matter the most. Some of these startups have been at the forefront of putting their ideas into action, despite their recent inception in 2020 or later. Let’s take a closer look at some of these trailblazers.

These Boston startups are not only solving pressing problems but are also harnessing innovative and sustainable solutions that consider society’s needs. They are keen on leveraging the multifaceted benefits of internet technology, financial services, social networking, and e-learning among others. Even more remarkable is the fact that these startups have managed to make their mark within such a short time of their inception.

Each startup on this list was chosen for its commitment to its respective cause, innovative approach, and the impact it has had thus far. Offering a variety of services, and addressing a number of issues, these startups are reflective of the spirit of innovation and the drive to create positive change that is alive in Boston.


Founded by Tom Huberman, Impala creates a data-driven platform that makes it easier and quicker to explore nonprofits, fundraise, search for partners, and do good across a variety of nonprofit sectors. They help to analyze how the partners, funders, board members, and stakeholders are connected. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.

Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice

They provide representation for all asylum seekers by training college students to become immigration advocates, and to fight for a socially just immigration system and community transformation. Stay updated with their work through their social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ndidiamaka N. Amutah-Onukagha, MOTHER Lab is a Boston-based startup in the Communities, Education, Non Profit, and Social Impact industry. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Connect Tutors

Connect Tutors is a remote tutoring program that offers free assistance to high school students with their college application essays, giving them the tools they need to create connections that help high school students gain confidence and improve their writing abilities. Stay updated with their work on LinkedIn.

AARP Maryland

A Boston-based startup in the Insurance, Internet, Non Profit industry. Keep tabs on their latest initiatives on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


Funded by Glenn Shapiro, KodiakCare saves dogs by funding critical veterinary care for families lacking financial means. Stay updated with their work through their social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


ClassACT HRX8 is a Boston-based startup working in the Alumni, Non Profit, Personal Development industry. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Education Through Music

Part of the Music, Music Education, Non Profit industry, Education Through Music can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Pathway Initiative

Working in the Education, Medical, Non Profit industry, The Pathway Initiative can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Funded by Shawn Shivdat, CaribEd is part of the E-Learning, Education, Non Profit industry. Stay updated with their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jordan Bar Am, Judd Kessler, and Ryder Kessler, DipJar is changing the game of fundraising. Their integrated platform, apps, and connected devices create giving moments and enable cashless generosity for engaging, and frictionless donations. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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