Atlanta’s Innovative Marketing Startups Making Waves Across the US

January 26, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, is becoming a hotspot for numerous startups, especially those operating in the marketing industry. Despite the challenges posed by 2020, these companies are demonstrating resilience and innovation in a time of great uncertainty. This article presents an overview of some of the most exciting marketing startups founded in Atlanta from 2020 onwards.

These organizations are leveraging modern technologies to offer services in areas like CRM, digital marketing, advertising, content marketing, SEO, e-commerce, and consulting. They cater to a wide range of industries including tech, retail, art, employment, analytics, and design among others. Let’s take a look at some of the dynamic startups revolutionizing the marketing industry.

Second Eclipse

Operating in the CRM, digital marketing, podcasting, and SEO realms, Second Eclipse is making major strides in the marketing industry. You can find them on Twitter @second_eclipse and on Facebook here. They are also present on LinkedIn at Second Eclipse.

Peak Community

Peak Community is a startup focusing on advertising and marketing. Find out more about their services on their website or stay updated by following them on Twitter @peak_community_ . Connect with them on LinkedIn at Peak Community.


Founded by Joey Trend and Joseph S. Kahn, Hum JAM is a digital marketing agency specializing in content marketing, SEO, web design, and more. Get in touch with them on @humjamseo, Facebook or on LinkedIn at Hum JAM .

Orchid Agency

Orchid Agency, founded by Mariya Finkelshteyn, is a full-service marketing agency for early-stage, B2B tech startups. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn at Orchid Agency.


Working in various areas like advertising, customer service, marketing, and software is the startup Clove. Follow them on Twitter @clovecx or connect with them on LinkedIn at Clove.

Epoxy Resin XYZ

Epoxy Resin XYZ is a unique startup offering a variety of resin products and kits. Connect with them on Facebook here or on LinkedIn at Epoxy Resin XYZ.

AIR Allies in Recruiting

Working in the intersection of employment, human resources, marketing, and recruitment is AIR Allies in Recruiting. Stay connected with them on Facebook here or on LinkedIn at AIR Allies in Recruiting.

Martingale Insights

Martingale Insights is a startup operating in the realm of analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. Be sure to stay connected with them on LinkedIn at Martingale Insights.

Jocelyn Designs

Jocelyn Designs offers comprehensive visual strategies and solutions for corporate and small businesses. Follow their work on LinkedIn at Jocelyn Designs LLC.


Connections is a global marketplace that helps brands monetize physical and digital consumer touchpoints. They are present on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Karra Media

Founded by Saivibhu Karra and Srikar Karra, Karra Media is a digital marketing agency offering tailored marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

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