Aloha Technology: Honolulu’s Rising Software Stars

November 24, 2023

1. Onebrief – Revolutionizing Strategy with Visual Tools

Onebrief is transforming campaign and crisis planning through its innovative visual strategy tool. It’s a game-changer in the realm of contingency planning.

2. RendezView – Collaborating Differently

At RendezView, collaboration and communication technologies are taken to the next level. Their software is reshaping how teams interact and work together.

3. Chewbox Inc. – Disrupting the Food Services Market

Chewbox Inc. stands out with its enterprise SaaS and technologies aimed at revolutionizing the global food services industry.

4. Smart Yields – Connecting Farmers through Technology

Founded in 2015, Smart Yields provides real-time analytics from connected sensors to empower farmers and researchers.

5. In2lytics – Leading the Charge in Big Data

In2lytics specializes in big data analytics, offering cutting-edge solutions in software development.

6. EVENT2 – Enhancing Event Planning Efficiency

EVENT2 is focused on driving efficiency and increasing revenue in the event planning sector through innovative software solutions.

7. Hohonu – Protecting Coastal Communities

Hohonu offers tech solutions aimed at safeguarding coastal communities, showcasing the power of technology in environmental protection.

8. OiOIoT – Smart IoT for Connected Communities

With patented secure bi-directional communication, OiOIoT is at the forefront of smart IoT solutions for community projects.

9. Valence – Streamlining Data Integration for Salesforce

Valence is known for its native data integration platform, specifically tailored for Salesforce users.

10. FRP – Innovating Facial Recognition Technologies

FRP offers a unique hardware and software platform focused on facial recognition, standing out in the field of security technology.

11. TeraVault – Incubating Software Excellence

TeraVault provides a range of services including software incubation and systems integration, contributing significantly to the software landscape.

12. OHUKU – AI-Driven Software Solutions

Specializing in biologically-inspired and AI-assisted software, OHUKU is carving a niche in the artificial intelligence sector.

13. DigestBuilder – Empowering Nonprofit News

DigestBuilder offers a SaaS platform that enables nonprofit news organizations to manage real-time mobile apps efficiently.

14. Ulu HI-Tech – Securing the Digital World

Ulu HI-Tech is a leader in cybersecurity, digital transformation, and software development, offering a range of high-tech solutions.

15. Pacific Global Security Group – Defending the Digital Frontier

Pacific Global Security Group specializes in cyber defense operations, weapon systems cybersecurity, and cloud services, marking its presence in the software security domain.

These companies demonstrate Honolulu’s growing influence in the tech world, each contributing uniquely to the vibrant software industry with their innovative solutions and forward-thinking approaches.

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