Accounting Excellence in Brandon, VT: A Showcase of Exceptional Firms

August 18, 2023


In the picturesque town of Brandon, Vermont, a group of outstanding accounting firms is contributing significantly to the economic fabric of the community. Whether you’re a business owner, individual, or non-profit organization in need of expert financial advice, this article highlights the premier accounting companies in Brandon that are well-equipped to meet your diverse needs.

H&R Block

Expertise at Every Step: A Comprehensive Approach to Tax Preparation and More
H&R Block in Brandon ensures the highest level of client satisfaction through a comprehensive suite of services. With over 60 years of tax preparation experience, this team of professionals is ready to help you get your maximum refund. Their strict COVID-19 safety measures ensure that you can meet with your tax consultant in confidence.

  • Categories: Tax Preparation Service, Accountant, Tax Consultant, and more.
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Bertrand Laurie CPA

Personal Touch with Professional Precision
Bertrand Laurie CPA is the go-to choice for those looking for a skilled accountant and financial planner. The firm specializes in tax preparation services, accounting, and financial planning.

  • Categories: Accountant, Financial Planner, Tax Preparation Service

Sharon L Stearns CPA PLLC

Dedication Meets Expertise
Sharon L Stearns CPA PLLC is renowned for its top-notch accounting services, providing meticulous and trustworthy expertise.

Northeast Revenue Solutions

Streamlining Your Finances
Specializing in bookkeeping services, Northeast Revenue Solutions is a standout firm helping businesses effectively manage their financial records.

Book-Ends Associates and Book-Ends Associates Fax

A Full Spectrum of Accounting Services
Offering a range of services from auditing to bookkeeping, Book-Ends Associates is dedicated to providing quality services that are both comprehensive and personalized.

  • Categories: Accountant, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Financial Services
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Lane Associates

Bridging Engineering and Accounting
Lane Associates stands out with a unique blend of services that includes engineering consulting, accounting, research, and management services.

  • Categories: Engineering consultant, Accounting, Research, Management Services, and more.

Misasi & Co

Precision in Tax Preparation
Specializing in tax preparation services, Misasi & Co delivers a seamless and professional experience for both individual and corporate clients.

Sanborn Associates

Expertise that Inspires Confidence
Sanborn Associates provides comprehensive public accounting services, helping you stay ahead of the curve with your financial health.

  • Categories: Certified Public Accountant, Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, and more.
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Allan T Hopkins

Surveying a Path to Success
Allan T Hopkins uniquely merges land surveying services with accounting, research, and management services.

  • Categories: Land Surveyor, Engineering, Accounting, and more.

Rosen Valente & Willhaus

Financial Stewards of the Highest Caliber
A multi-faceted firm offering everything from tax planning to financial planning, Rosen Valente & Willhaus is a one-stop-shop for all financial needs.

  • Categories: Mutual Funds, Computer Software, Accountant, Tax Consultant, and much more.

Valente & Company CPAs, PLLC

Your Partner for Financial Success
Valente & Company CPAs, PLLC, offers an individualized, client-focused approach to accounting and tax preparation services, serving both businesses and non-profits.

  • Categories: Finance Company, Accountant, Bookkeeping Service, Tax Preparation Service
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Summers & Goyette P C

Quality Service that Builds Trust
Summers & Goyette P C is committed to providing reliable public accounting services that consistently exceed client expectations.

  • Categories: Tax preparation service, Public Accountants, Accountant, and more.

Jeffrey R Bradley CPA

Crafting Custom Financial Solutions
With a unique blend of engineering and accounting services, Jeffrey R Bradley CPA is a firm that approaches financial problems with a unique and multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Categories: Engineering, Accounting, Auditing, Research, Management Services, and more.

Guyette Andrew CPA

Empowering Businesses and Individuals
Guyette Andrew CPA, a full-service firm, is known for its extensive range of services, including audit, tax planning, and business planning.

  • Categories: Business Services, Tax Planning, Audit, Accounting, and more.
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In Brandon, Vermont, these accounting firms are not just crunching numbers; they are serving as vital consultants for people and businesses seeking financial stability and growth. From tax preparation to strategic financial planning, the firms showcased in this article represent the pinnacle of what the accounting profession can offer to the Brandon community.

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