A Fitness Fiesta: Top Gym Companies in Braintree, MA That Should Be on Your Radar

August 29, 2023

Fit Factory Braintree

Fit Factory Braintree stands as a premium facility in the town. While specific details are sparse, its status as both a health club and a physical fitness center suggests an all-around experience aimed at comprehensive wellness.

Planet Fitness

  • Website: www.planetfitness.com/gyms/braintree-ma
  • Categories: Gym, Physical Fitness Program, Personal Trainer, Spa, Tanning Salon
  • Description: Planet Fitness has a strong presence with its Judgement Free Zone. Safety is a priority, with touchless check-in and thorough cleaning protocols. Their PF app features a crowd meter, allowing you to pick the least busy times to work out.

Bay Shore Athletic Club

  • Website: www.bayshoreac.net
  • Categories: Gym, Sports, Facility, Fitness, Health Clubs, Studio, Fitness Clubs, Sports & Recreation, Club Gym, Sports & Recreation Facilities, Health Clubs & Gymnasiums, Health Clubs & Gyms

Bay Shore Athletic Club boasts an expansive list of categories, making it a multipurpose facility. It offers a range of services, from gym workouts to sports and recreation facilities, satisfying a multitude of fitness needs.

HIITCore Fitness

HIITCore Fitness specializes in high-intensity interval training. Although details are minimal, the name suggests a focus on rigorous, effective workouts aimed at maximizing performance and efficiency.

Crunch Fitness – Braintree

  • Website: www.crunch.com/locations/braintree
  • Categories: health club, Fitness Trainer, Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Gym
  • Description: Crunch Fitness distinguishes itself with its fusion of fitness and fun. Offering group fitness classes and personal training, the gym promises a clean, invigorating environment.

Slight Edge Fitness & Performance

Slight Edge Fitness & Performance is for those who take their training seriously. While specifics are scant, their focus on performance and personalized training makes them a noteworthy option.

CrossFit 617 Braintree

CrossFit 617 Braintree is a dedicated CrossFit facility, offering specialized workouts that focus on strength, endurance, and agility.

Mobile Fitness Equipment

Mobile Fitness Equipment offers a novel approach by providing fitness solutions that can be mobile. This is ideal for those who prefer to work out in varying locations.

Sitsuphan Muay Thai Boran

Sitsuphan Muay Thai Boran focuses on martial arts training, specifically in Muay Thai. A niche option for those interested in combative sports and self-defense.

Body Science Personal Training

Body Science Personal Training combines personalized fitness training with weight loss programs, providing a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Joans Olympic Gym & Fitness Center

Joans Olympic Gym & Fitness Center offers a broad range of fitness and recreational activities, from dance to gymnastics, making it a one-stop shop for diverse interests.

Martial Arts Center For Personal Development

  • Website: www.newenglandmartialartscenter.com
  • Categories: Various, including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Self Defense
  • Description: This center offers comprehensive martial arts instruction in various styles. It is also a great platform for personal development.

CrossFit East Coast

  • Website: crossfit-eastcoast.com
  • Categories: Gym, Fitness Classes, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Weight Loss Center, Physical fitness program

CrossFit East Coast offers a wide array of services, from nutrition to weight loss and general fitness.

Golds Gym Plus

  • Categories: Sports, Facility, Club, Health Clubs, Gym, Physical Fitness Programs, Sports & Recreation Facilities, Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs

Golds Gym Plus is a well-known franchise that offers a full range of gym and fitness services.

Curves For Women

  • Website: curvesinternational.com
  • Categories: Weight Loss Center, Gym/Physical Fitness Center
  • Description: Curves specializes in 30-minute workouts that are efficient and effective, targeting a female demographic with cardio and strength training.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, Braintree, MA has a diverse array of gyms to meet your specific needs. Choose wisely, and may your fitness journey be fruitful.

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