A Comparison Of Crypto Trading Fees Across Exchanges

April 14, 2023
A Comparison Of Crypto Trading Fees Across Exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading fees are a necessary part of investing in cryptocurrency. When you buy or sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange, you’ll have to pay a small fee to cover the cost of processing your transaction. The price of these transaction fees varies across exchanges. 

Crypto trading fees are important to consider when deciding where to trade your crypto. Different exchanges have different fee structures, ranging from charging fees on a per-trade basis or charging a percentage of your overall trade. Some also charge fees for deposits and withdrawals, and for changing fiat currencies into crypto.

What Are Crypto Trading Fees?

Crypto trading fees are charged by cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processors. These fees are different from transaction fees, which are paid to miners for confirming transactions on the blockchain.

Crypto trading fees are the fees that you pay to trade cryptocurrencies. They’re similar to stock trading commissions, but there are some key differences. A crypto trading fee is paid to the crypto exchange that you’re trading on, and it’s based on the size of your trades, not how often you trade.

Why Do We Need to Pay Crypto Trading Fees?

Crypto trading fees are the cost of doing business, just like any other business. Crypto trading fees are charged by exchanges and cover the costs associated with trading on the exchange. On some exchanges, these fees are charged on both the buy and sell side, while other exchanges only charge fees when you’re buying cryptocurrency. The amount varies from exchange to exchange, but can be as high as 4% or more.

Trading Fees Across Exchanges

Maker FeeTaker Fee

Subscription Fees

A subscription fee is a recurring payment that you are charged by an exchange to keep your account open. The most common way to pay for this is through the use of credit cards or bank transfer, but some exchanges will allow you to use cryptocurrency as well.

Subscription Fees Across Exchanges

HuobiBased on subscription quantity

Redemption Fees

Redemption fees are charged when you sell your crypto. This is to cover the cost of sending your crypto to your wallet, which is typically lower than subscription fees. Redemption fees vary by exchange and can range from 0% – 5%. Redemption fees are often lower than subscription fees because they don’t have to be paid every week or month like subscriptions do.

Redemption Fees Across Exchanges

HuobiBased on subscription quantity

Management Fees

Management fees are the costs that an exchange charges to cover the running of the platform. They’re usually charged as a percentage of your total assets held on the platform, and are typically charged on a monthly basis.

Management Fees Across Exchanges

HuobiBased on ETP holdings share

How to Choose the Best Crypto Exchange With the Lowest Crypto Trading Fees

There are ways to save money and time when trading cryptocurrency. One of the ways is to use a crypto exchange with low transaction fees and low withdrawal charges.

Crypto exchanges vary greatly in their policies, so it’s important that you shop around before making a deposit into any exchange. Most of them will publish their fee schedules somewhere on their websites, if not right there on their main pages. Here are some things to look for:

  • Whether the exchange charges a flat percentage or a per-transaction fee. The former is better than the latter because it guarantees that you’ll never pay more than that set amount no matter how much (or how little) you trade.
  • How many crypto coins they support. Some crypto exchanges only deal in Bitcoin; others offer a wider selection at varying prices. It makes sense to choose an exchange that offers a variety of coins and supports crypto pairs such as BLUR USDT and GRT USDT.
  • It is also important to check out how secure the exchange is as well as how long it has been in business. Since most of these platforms have been hacked in the past, it is necessary to find out if they have been able to restore their clients’ funds back after being hacked or not.


Cryptocurrency exchange fees are confusing, even for the most seasoned cryptocurrency users. With all of the different coins and exchanges out there, it’s hard to choose the one with the lowest fee. Some platforms charge flat fees while others use a percentage.

If you’re looking to avoid transaction fees while trading any coin or token, always check the exchange’s website to see what the fee structure is like.

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