6 Startup Ideas Using Digital Art

September 8, 2022
6 Startup Ideas Using Digital Art
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Today, the world revolves around technology, and everything’s now digital and online. Surprisingly, art has also taken over this world as it evolved into digital art. With this type of innovation, you can expand your options and allow yourself to enter a new business venture that’ll surely bring you profits.

As the world of digital art emerges, the types of businesses you can do with them emerge as well. This way, you can allow yourself to use art in something profitable but only use a different medium to complete them. To help you get started, listed below are some startup ideas you can do with digital art:

1. Create Custom Stickers

Creating custom die cut stickers is a great way to allow your digital art to turn to life. You can design it to be fun, creative, minimalist, or anything you’d like. And you can even decide how you’d like your custom stickers to be, such as for cars, tumblers, scrapbooking, or phone cases. All you have to worry about is choosing the right type of paper and finishing so you can achieve the purpose and texture you’d like your custom stickers to have. Moreover, it’ll be a great way to promote your style by allowing yourself to be unique and beautiful at the same time.

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2. Sell Digital Downloads

Today, almost everything can be processed online. And the quickest way you can utilize your digital art without having to turn it into a physical product is by selling your craft as a digital download. This way, you can easily create digital goods at home and put them online for sale. It’ll be a quick and efficient way to earn profits as a startup. You can offer multiple types of digital downloads, such as templates, printables, guidelines, or anything within your niche. All you have to do is to build a website and sell your products digitally by delivering your goods through your client’s e-mail. Depending on your services, you can send them as it is or allow for customization.

3. Book Cover Designer

Even with the trend of the digital world today, people still prefer to purchase physical books over digital ones because they enjoy the feeling of turning the page and smelling the new book scent. To use your digital art for something profitable, you should consider becoming a book cover designer. You could start an agency and design book covers for authors and allow their publications to be a head-turner. A beautiful book cover design can help to attract more people to buy a book as it piques their interest. With that, authors are looking for the best designs that can help them draw more people into buying their books.

4. Run Online Courses

If you’re proficient and confident with your digital art skills, you might want to consider running online courses and teaching people how they could master the skill. This way, you can spread your knowledge and let more people know about how they can improve your craft. Moreover, since you’re building this startup, you can be in control of your schedule. Ideally, you can set your classes every weekend and begin them with your most comfortable hours. As you teach your students how to improve their digital art skills, you can also offer some guidance during the weekdays, which can help them practice and further improve their craft.

5. Sell Custom T-Shirt

Another great way to turn your digital art into a physical good is by selling custom t-shirts. With this, you can be as creative as you want, print your designs onto your t-shirts and allow it to be your startup business. You can look for a company that can print the designs for you or tries to do them yourself to save on costs. Luckily, this type of business venture is more flexible as you can print them on demand rather than hoarding too many designs on your inventory without guaranteeing a sale.

6. Build Graphic Services Agency

If you’re flexible and comfortable with your digital art skills, you might consider building a graphic service agency wherein you’ll offer digital goods to your clients that can further help their business. You can choose to create logos, social media templates, web design, posters, or anything that requires your digital art skills. Furthermore, it’s important that you incorporate proper branding for your clients to help highlight their business and establish their company among the crowd. Luckily, this is also a flexible business startup venture that allows you to work at any time of the day and submit them before the deadline. You can start by searching for startup companies that are looking for graphic designing services and move from there.


As mentioned, today, digital art is taking over the world as almost everything is done digitally. As you’ve enhanced your skill and are confident enough to take it to the next level, you can begin by building a startup and allowing your skills to turn into something profitable. You could try being a book cover designer, creating physical goods, or creating a graphic design agency service. And to guarantee your success, it’ll be great to look for a startup that you’d enjoy so you can cater to your market well as you exactly know what they want.

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