4 Tips for Improving Your Catering Business

April 12, 2023
4 Tips for Improving Your Catering Business

Drum up more business for your catering services by improving your approach to pitches, setting expectations, deliveries, and follow-ups. Use these four tips to improve your catering business.

Pitch to Potential Clients

Get more contracts by approaching potential clients and partnering with businesses. Pitch your services to bridal shops, banks, museums, and local businesses and organizations. Customize your proposal to highlight how your catering can meet each prospective client’s needs, and consider offering discounts to entice more businesses to accept.

Propose event partnerships with businesses that don’t have on-site catering staff, such as vineyards and tourist attractions. You can refer your clients to these partners, and they can refer their clients to your business.

Have a Thorough First Meeting

Your goal is to give clients food that exceeds their expectations, and you can set yourself up for success in your first meeting. Ask clients about their culinary likes, dislikes, and expectations. Respectfully offer recommendations and alternatives when needed to create a realistic and personalized menu.

Come prepared to answer questions. Clients often ask caterers about their specialties, recommendations, processes, and costs. Also, show them pictures of events you’ve catered in the past to further explain what you can offer.

Create a Feast for All Senses

Another tip for improving your catering business is to create a feast for all senses. Make fresh, high-quality ingredients the star of the show. The appearance and aroma of your foods will create the first impression that your food is delicious, and the taste should deliver on that promise.

One of the best ways to improve your table presentation is to cater irresistible fruit platters. Fruit platters are colorful, sweet, healthy, and versatile. Showcase fresh fruits and add non-fruit options, such as nuts, pretzels, and dips.

Follow Up After the Event

Following up with clients after each event can boost your business, which is why your work isn’t done when the meals end. Email or call clients after their events to ask for feedback and request referrals or testimonials. Use testimonials in advertising, sales letters, and on your website.

Improve your processes with feedback from clients and employees. Analyze patterns in constructive feedback, then develop a plan to overcome challenges or shortcomings.

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