3 Office Amenities That Make a Difference for Employees

November 29, 2023
3 Office Amenities That Make a Difference for Employees

In today’s modern world, it’s important for office buildings to be bright, welcoming, and jam-packed with both indoor and outdoor amenities. With so many companies adopting a fully remote working environment, office spaces need to provide enough benefits to entice employees to make the daily commute to work in person. Let’s explore some office amenities that make a difference for employees.

Natural Lighting

Lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider important office amenities, but consistent access to natural light provides a myriad of health benefits. Office spaces that include large windows will allow sunlight to stream in and help your employees feel more upbeat and less fatigued. These positive feelings will also improve workplace productivity because your team members will feel more motivated.

If your office doesn’t have a lot of windows, utilize floor lamps and table lamps as much as possible. Overhead lighting can be extremely harsh and make employees feel sluggish. Ambient lighting sources with soft-wattage lightbulbs maintain a peaceful environment in the absence of natural light.

Fitness Facilities

On-site fitness facilities are another office amenity that makes a difference for employees. If employees have easy access to gym equipment, they’re more likely to stick with a fitness regime. As we know, regular exercise lowers stress and improves brain function, so staying active can also help your team members perform better at work.

When it comes to exercise, employees will appreciate not having to commute to a gym either before or after work. Plus, the ability to exercise without paying a monthly gym membership allows your team to use their disposable income on other activities.

Outdoor Rest Areas

Providing your employees with an outdoor rest area is a great way to promote their overall well-being. Spending time outside allows staff to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight after being cooped up at their desk all day. Enjoying the outdoors also boosts employee morale and encourages creativity, so it’s important to provide a comfortable break area.

The good news is that outdoor spaces are generally the least expensive place to invest in per square foot, so you can create a tranquil area without breaking the bank. Consider using a metal fabric to expand the exterior footprint of your office building and enjoy natural ventilation, safety, and security. An overhang or semi-enclosed space with metal mesh gives employees a level of privacy without sacrificing sunlight or fresh air.

The importance of high-quality office amenities will continue to evolve as companies grow and develop. By considering certain interior and exterior factors, you’ll be able to elevate the employee experience and continue to attract top talent.

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