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10 Must-Have Features For Your Next Video Communication Solution

10 Must-Have Features For Your Next Video Communication Solution

The choice of a video conferencing platform is one of the most critical business communication tools, especially when remote and hybrid working models are at play. Businesses can ensure more engaged employees by choosing the right app and empowering remote teams to be more productive. Also, businesses can better connect with stakeholders and clients. Hosting meetings and solving problems in real-time is made fuss-free with the adoption of a feature-rich video conferencing solution. It is also important to learn everything about the app you are using. For instance, if you are using Google Meet to conduct video conferences, you need to be aware of the Google Meet tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of this essential business tool.

But what are the most desirable features of a video communication platform? Read on to know.

Intuitive and user-friendly user interface

Your employees shouldn’t have to spend hours acclimating to the video communication solution you’ve chosen for your company. The solution must be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear buttons or labels. It shouldn’t be a task to switch between audio and video or switch off their mics during an ongoing meeting. Also, it must be accessible on mobile devices and browsers.

Multiple webcam capabilities

When you are hosting a video meeting, it will be more impactful to see the faces of the participants. If you need to conduct a meeting with many remote workers, it would be best to look for a video communication solution with dynamic webcam features. It should support multiple webcams so all the participants can be seen during the meeting.

High-definition video quality

HD video quality can make a huge difference because you can see everyone. It will feel like all the participants are in the same room if the video quality is HD.

Option to chat during a meeting

Video meetings can be interactive, and participants can get more out of them if the video conferencing solution has in-chat features. Thanks to the chat features, participants can interact with each other and share texts or important information during an online event or meeting.

Screen sharing capabilities

Screen sharing capabilities are a must for productive video meetings with remote teams. It’ll be easier to explain your presentation if you can share your entire screen or a part of your screen with the participants. Also, the participants will understand better what you are trying to say.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Communicating via video calls must be easy for remote teams, and it should feel like they are talking over the phone. If your video conferencing platform is a part of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it will be that easy.

Users can quickly switch from video calls to voice calls or even group meetings by pushing a button. There’s no need to pause communication or establish a new connection to add participants or change channels.

Recording abilities

Being able to record presentations and video meetings helps recollect later on when remote teams are working on a project. Most video conferencing platforms allow for unlimited recording so participants can record the critical parts of the meeting or presentation. Also, these platforms offer fantastic sharing capabilities. So, you can quickly share the recording with the other participants.

High-end presentation features

If you want to give complex presentations, using a video conferencing platform with specific features would be great. For instance, it should allow you to upload different files, such as PDFs, PPTs, and MP4 videos. Also, the platform should offer you the flexibility of attracting the participants’ attention.

Breakout rooms

Want to conduct video meetings away from the online crowd? It is possible if the video conferencing platforms offer breakout rooms. Thanks to this feature, you can break off into working on group activities or peer coaching after a live event. Furthermore, breakout rooms allow for personalization where participants can discuss critical issues in a more private space instead of broaching a delicate subject when there are over 150 participants.

Branding capabilities

New-age video conferencing solutions allow users to incorporate their branding elements, such as color scheme and logo. Therefore, you can develop online training workshops and webinars aligned with the image of your company. Such meetings appear much more professional and make a good impression on clients or stakeholders.


These video conferencing platform features are a must-have as they can help maximize productivity and functionality. You will get the maximum ROI from your investment, and the workflow of your employees will improve. So, start looking for a platform that offers these features and more. It will help you conduct video meetings that are far better than in-person meetings and much more detail-oriented. Regardless of your team’s location, meetings can be held in real-time, and everyone can either record or share notes.

Written by Marcus Richards

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