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How Robosize’s Virtual Fitting Rooms Can Boost Sales in Fashion e-commerce?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) modern operating systems like Virtual Fitting Rooms are altering the fashion industry and what retailers and e-commerce businesses can anticipate.

Virtual fitting rooms are the online version of physical changing rooms for trying on garments. Most virtual fitting rooms often use 3D renderings, avatars, human figurines, and electronic mannequins. With AI and AR solutions, shoppers can virtually see what the clothing or accessory might look like.

How does Robosize’s virtual fitting room work?

Most virtual fitting rooms often use 3D renderings, avatars, human figurines, and electronic mannequins. However, avatars don’t feel genuine, which deters buyers. On the other hand, AR-only virtual changing rooms superimpose the garment on selfies. But this 3D clothing overlay is unflattering and inconsistent with the actual size.

Despite the operating system’s shortcomings, it’s worth billions. Virtual fitting rooms were valued at 3 million dollars in 2019, but by 2025, they might surpass $6.8 billion and $12.97 billion by 2028. Since 54% of Gen-Z buyers will shop online in the next decade, virtual fitting rooms are predicted to rise rapidly. Gucci, Walmart, Adidas, ASOS, GAP, and Ralph Lauren all have virtual fitting rooms because of this.

Virtual fitting rooms are in high demand, but companies are hesitant to use them because they aren’t perfect. But Robosize’s comprehensive virtual fitting rooms were made using 3D, AR, and AI technologies to suggest sizes and styles with efficient sales, cost-effective options, and profitable solutions. Robosize helps fashion and apparel retailers tackle post-pandemic sanitation and health issues, eliminate unwanted returns, increase sales, and supply consumers who expect simple and easy-to-use website interfaces to boost sales and make shopping easier.

Benefits of Robosize’s Virtual Fitting Rooms in e-commerce

With health and hygiene risks, customers’ physical shopping concerns, a rise in reluctant casual browsers, and an astronomical number of online returns due to bracket shopping, sizing, and styling rationale, the e-commerce fashion industries have shifted towards cutting-edge 3D like Virtual fitting rooms. In the following, the advantages of utilizing the virtual fitting room in e-commerce are presented.

Reduce return rate

One of the main problems of fashion retailers is the increasing number of returns.  Robosize’s virtual fitting rooms help customers to receive a recommendation for a related product that they like even better and allow them to make more informed decisions. So, this modern technology can significantly increase conversion rate and reduce the rate of product returns as customers can be confident with their choice.

More sustainable fashion

Incorrect fit is one of the main causes of product returns from online purchases. This is not just awful for the environment, but it’s also bad for the customer experience. Robosize virtual fitting technology is addressing the fit problem through innovation and is making fashion more sustainable.

Globally, 17 billion things are returned each year, which equates to about 4.7 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, or about 850,000 automobiles’ worth. Just from returns, there is a significant carbon footprint! This is a large untapped possibility that gives the companies a great victory.

Optimize user experience

By Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, customers will be able to virtually try-on clothes. AI-based algorithms are utilized to give size and fit recommendations based on specific style preferences and requirements which would be innovative, fun and practical and that’s what attracts many people and enhances the shopping experience in the customer journey.

Enhance customer convenience

You might be surprised to hear that 97% of buyers have given up on a purchase because it wasn’t convenient enough. It is inconvenient to pick the right size from the hanger, proceed to a real fitting room, and change their clothes. On the other side, virtual fitting rooms eliminate all of that. Without changing, customers may simply stroll over to a virtual mirror to view how the clothes appear on them.

Attracting new customers

To compete, most companies must sell products online. More than half of businesses claim that online sales outpace in-store sales in terms of generating revenue. Online purchasing is more popular among younger customers. Companies can attract new customers by improving customer experiences and removing the hassle of returning things that do not fit or are unflattering. 71% of consumers believe they would visit a retail store more frequently if augmented reality was used, and 40% of consumers are willing to pay more for things that can be experienced through AR.

Virtual fitting rooms are a necessary choice for big and small businesses, aiming to improve business performance and boost consumer engagement in a market where competition is stronger than ever.

Improve customer loyalty

Using an AI-based fitting room of Robosize will lead to decreased product returns as customers can be confident with their choice. This will increase product views, provide customer convenience and engagement, boost sales and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Deeper analysis and better understanding of customers

Robosize’s Virtual fitting room solution provides unique insights into the customer behavior. Understanding body shape measurements, sizes and fit preferences can help the product designers and marketers. Retailers may improve distribution and design future products according to the requirements and preferences of their customers.


Virtual fitting rooms worked well for companies. Ralph Lauren’s virtual try-on mirrors increased consumer interaction by 90%. Shopify fashion firms’ returns dropped 40%. Meanwhile, Robosize subscribers had huge conversion and revenue gains, from 20% to 55% of conversions, and three to eight times profitability. While only 11% of subscribers’ customers used Robosize, usually the brand’s average sale value increased by 10%.

Robosize is the only firm that has created a comprehensive virtual fitting room with size recommendations and virtual try-on technology. Online convenience for the regular client is increasingly simpler and quicker. Robosize is stylish, inclusive, sustainable and fun. Additionally, it encourages the fashion sector, the second-biggest polluter, to adopt eco-friendly practices. Robosize promotes sustainability and inclusiveness while helping e-commerce fashion retailers increase conversion rates, order values, and profits. We build partnerships and introduce businesses to lucrative opportunities.

Written by Valentina

Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

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